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Choosing a name for our pets is not easy, so once you end up with that perfect choice, be proud of it! But believe it or not, this name is not just about your animal friend. This name says a lot about you, too. 

As we battle life’s challenges, we go through complex relationships that make or break us. To escape frustrations, many people find it therapeutic to fill that void by taking care of animals and naming them the best names. 

Everything we do is a trademark of our identities, including our pets’ names. Have you ever wondered what other people think about when they hear you call your pet?ย 

Food Names

Examples: Cinnamon, Bagel, Biscuit, Butter

You love food and are the type of person who loves visiting pet-friendly restaurants all over the area. Your social media pages are not just filled with pet photos, but also good food! You are an absolute foodie who drives long hours with her pet just to taste something new and delicious. 

Animal Names

Examples: Kitty, Tiger, Cricket, Fox

You love animals of all colors, shapes, and sizes. You always feel frustrated about not being able to adopt all animals in need. Animals are your passion and you love them more than people. Those who name their pets strangely cute animal names also tend to be outdoorsy and are always willing to explore unique options.

Human Names

Examples: Jack, Lola, Benny, Luka

Your pet is more than just an animal, right? Since they’re part of the family, they deserve a human name! Studies have shown those pet parents who give their animal friends human names enjoy the closest relationships. You take your pets anywhere with you, even while shopping, hiking, and visiting other family members out of state. Just like a legit family member, your pet perhaps gets to eat at the dining table and has its own social media accounts. 

Common Names

Examples: Bailey, Buddy, Max, Henry, Charlie

Common names may be popular, but thatโ€™s not bad! It just means you love being on the safer, more reliable side. You go for things you are comfortable with, even though itโ€™s perceived by many as ordinary. You are classic for good reason and know your pet beyond his looks and personality. You can easily spot your Bailey apart from all the other Baileys. Thatโ€™s how much you love them!

Pop Culture Names

Examples: Chewbacca, Lilo, Simba, Aragorn

Personality is everything, and your personality shines through your pet. Naming your dog Chewbacca clearly shows your love for the Star Wars franchise. A cat named Simba is proof that you love Disney and movies overall! They may sound out of this world but you love pop culture, as well as your pet! Naming a pet is always about telling the world about something you love. 

Historical Names

Examples: Napoleon, Dickens, Genghis, Homer

You are a nerd and a book lover. You are careful, intelligent, and creative. You have a strong sense of individuality and you want to demonstrate that through your pet. Just like you, you want your pet to be amazing and to have the best name ever! 

The best names are the most meaningful ones and those that can be easily recalled and recognized by people. Your petโ€™s name is in itself, a story. 

Title Names

Examples: Baron, King, Queen, Duke

Your pet is a royal. Period. You adore them and will do anything to make them feel comfortable and safe. If your petโ€™s name is a title, then you are perhaps a sensitive, aspirational person who cares for people a lot. You love making people and animals feel that you love them dearly and that you will do anything to protect them. 

A title name is a powerful, tough name! You want to make your pet feel that they’re on top of the world! 

Sports Names

Examples: Archer, Ali, Beckham, Kobe

You love sports and fitness so much. You may not be an athlete and the most physically fit person out there, but you are trying to reach your goals one step at a time, and you want your pet to serve as your inspiration. Calling their name brings you so much happiness it makes you want to do some warm-up exercises! 

Gangster Names

Examples: Capone, Bugsy, Gambino, Clyde

You’re the type of person who would say no to a fun wine night with friends just to watch true crime documentaries. You’re no drug dealer nor criminal, but you consider yourself a distinctively tough person – a badass fighter to lifeโ€™s challenges. So your pet deserves a matching name!

No matter what you choose, the perfect pet name can help strengthen your bond with them and give new meaning to life by being there for someone else in need. Consider it carefully before settling on a name for your new pet companion.

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