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Paleo Candy For Halloween

Halloween can be tough when you are on a diet. If you are on the paleo diet, you are careful about sugar and sometimes things like peanuts are not allowed. However, there are some homemade candy choices that you could make that would be delicious and are definitely paleo-friendly.

Paleo-Friendly Halloween Treats

Pumpkin Nut Candy Bars

These candy bars are similar to Snickers bars but paleo-approved. They are perfect if you enjoy chocolate or Snickers candy in general for Halloween, but want to stick to the paleo eating lifestyle during the festivities. Ingredients used with these candy bars include pumpkin puree, almond or coconut flour, almond butter, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, dates, nuts, coconut sugar, and cocoa powder. This gives you that yummy chocolate flavor from the cocoa without the added sugar you shouldnโ€™t have on the paleo diet.

Almond Butter Cups

If you or your kids are a big fan of peanut butter cups, you know you can no longer eat them while on the paleo diet. Instead of those, you can use this extremely simple recipe to make an alternative version at home. All you need are some chunks of dark chocolate (if you allow it on your personal version of the paleo diet) and almond butter. In a muffin tin, line it with muffin wrappers, then pour some melted chocolate into each of the wrappers, followed by a layer of almond butter. Add a little more chocolate to each one, and let it harden. You can then remove the cups from the muffin wrappers and you have your chocolate almond butter cups.

Pumpkin Truffles

Truffles might sound like something you shouldnโ€™t have on paleo, but you can definitely make a version of these that work with your diet restrictions. This is a much healthier version of traditional truffles and they use pumpkin, which turns them into a fun Halloween treat. For the truffles, you will need to combine the following ingredients:

* Coconut oil
* Coconut butter
* Pumpkin puree
* Cinnamon
* Nutmeg
* Sea salt
* Pure honey
* Dark chocolate

Combine the ingredients in a bowl and roll them into round-shaped truffles. Place in the refrigerator to cool. You can use the dark chocolate to melt and dip the truffles, or leave that part out. This is completely up to you. After dipping, put them on wax paper until the chocolate hardens, or put them in the refrigerator again to speed up the process.

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