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I received a pair of Warby Parker glasses to review. All opinions are my own.ย Join theย Warbyย Parkerย affiliateย program.

My vision is kind of terrible. I’ve been in glasses since about the sixth grade, but I quickly switched to contacts in the seventh. However, after a decade of wearing contacts, my eyes were not happy. About four years ago, I actually was confined to glasses for awhile. Glasses?! No way. I wasn’t into it. However, I did always enjoy the style and color selections of Warby Parker. Something about their sleek styles and vibrant hues had me interested. I did the Warby Parker Home Try-On Program about two years ago, but I never committed to a pair of frames.

Warby Parker Glasses
Until now. I did the at home try on program again, and I documented it for my blog. I did end up falling in love with a pair of bright green specs, and I knew I needed them in my life. At $95, including shipping, the price was lower than what I would pay at my local eye doctor’s office.

Warby Parker Nedwin Glasses
Ordering was simple. I scanned in my prescription, and I selected the pair that I wanted. Within 24 hours I received an email back asking for further information. I needed my pupillary distance, and since my prescription was so high, it was recommended that I upgrade my lenses to high index. There are easy ways to find out your pupillary distance online and with Warby Parker’s help, but I actually had to pick up contacts at my eye doctor so I had them do it for me. Apparently most doctors don’t write this measurement down on your prescription, so make sure you get it!

Warby Parker
Warby Parker Eyeglasses
After I received the measurement, I called Warby Parker’s customer service number at about 8 p.m. on a Friday night. Guess what? A real, live person answered. There was no automated machine that had me press a million buttons to direct my call. It was one phone number and one person. I was impressed. I gave my pupillary distance over the phone, and I upgraded my lenses based on their recommendation. I knew my prescription is high, so I took their advice. It only raised my total $30. No big deal.

Warby Parker Green GlassesI received them in about a week. They came in a box with a hard case and a bag that doubles as a lens wipe. I enjoyed the free (and fast!) shipping along with the promise of returns being accepted until 30 days.

Want more Warby Parker?

Warby Parker
The sizing of the frames fit my face perfectly, and I liked the rectangular shape of the lenses.ย Warby Parker Woman Glasses I don’t like crazy designs, so the bright color was perfect for me.

Warby Parker Womens Glassesย Need some new frames for summer? Warby Parker has nine new shapes and four new colors to try.

Warbyย Parkerย Summer Collection

Haskell Woodgrain Tortoise Upton Sea Smoke Tortosie Banks Striped Sassafras

ย At only $95 each, you can bring one (or two) on your next summer adventure! Available in both men and women’s styles, you can view the full Summer Collection atย

Warby Parker

Do you wear glasses?ย Join theย Warbyย Parkerย affiliateย program!

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