My Very Own Crappy Portrait

Have you heard of Free Crappy Portraits? Basically you send in a photo with a silly story and a stranger might draw you. I’m sure they get tons of submissions that’s why I said…might.

Anyway a million years later – I finally got my portrait! Hooray! It was pretty much right on time because in my “story” I suggested that I would want to print this out for our anniversary. I got it a few days after but seriously – close enough! It made me giggle.

What I Sent:
“The picture attached is of my lovely husband and I! We got married last February and were totally on an awful realty show called Bridezillas. I know, why did he marry me?! We did it as a silly joke because that’s the kind of people we are. We like to drink and dance and wear silly hats. My blog and twitter link is below, I will definitely share this on both of my sites! I hope to print this, frame it, and give it to him as a crappy gift. I think he would love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ “


What I Got Back:

My husband – SPOT ON. I mean I think it looks just like him…haha.

And, me, well… I did tell them I was on Bridezillas. What did I expect? ;D

I really do love it – just something silly to save and remember! If you submit and get one back, do share!

If you want pro photos, tryย Portrait Innovations in Ft. Myers, FL.

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