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Menu planning is a tricky thing. The whole idea is to make life simpler, but getting started can feel like a burden in itself. There are many reasons lesson plans fail, but by taking the time to keep a few simple tips in mind, you can enjoy meal planning success. Look at these 6 reasons your menu planning is failing and take the necessary steps to get your plan up and running efficiently!

Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning Tips

1. You jump right in and start planning full weeks at a time.ย When it comes to meal planning you might feel really motivated and ambitious at first. You might feel like diving right in and planning for a full week or even month at a time. This can lead to being overwhelmed. Instead, plan for 2-3 days a week first. Once you have mastered that, try adding on more days.

2. You arenโ€™t willing to try new recipes.ย The whole idea of menu planning is to avoid ruts. Now is the time to venture out and try new things. You might just find a new favorite, and the discovery of new recipes can help you cover more meal slots. The worst case scenario is you try a recipe and hate it. You never have to make it again! The best case scenario is you find a new favorite you canโ€™t live without!

3. You try to plan without the help of the internet.ย Menu planning is nearly impossible without help. The internet is full of free resources including menu plan printable, recipes, and even chat groups. Head to the internet for some support and see how you can find a plethora of ideas to help spark your imagination and assist in your organization. This is why it’s important to use the resources available to you online, and one way to do that is with a community of others who are looking to conquer mealtime stress!

4. The kids are ruling the roost.ย Are your kids picky? Do they beg you for McDonald’s every night? Donโ€™t let them call the shots. Instead, invite them to help you plan by looking for kid-friendly recipes together. Find new family favorites everyone can enjoy! Give the kids some fun options and let them know take out is no longer on the menu.

5. You arenโ€™t shopping smart.ย A lack of ingredients is why many people resort to the takeout habit. Now is the time to shop smart. Make a weekly shopping list or find a sample shopping list online. Take the time to evaluate your recipes and make a shopping list based on the ingredients you need.

6. You let one day throw your entire week off.ย So perhaps you came home one night exhausted and decided to skip your plan for the night and order pizza. Itโ€™s ok! Donโ€™t let this throw the rest of your week off. These days will happen, but the goal is to get back on track and not chalk it all up as a loss.

Easy Meal Planning Ideas

What are your meal planning struggles?

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