What is a Jackfruit?

So, what’s a jackfruit? Before we moved into this home, I had never heard of or even seen a jackfruit. Our neighbor came by to explain that the weird things growing from the tree trunks in our yard was not some kind of tree cancer, but instead, a delicious fruit.

We have two trees that these fruit are growing on. We have one in the front and one in the back by the dock. The one by the dock just has two big ones. The one in the front has the fruit all up its trunk!

Maybe it’s a regional thing? Perhaps you see these all over and are used to them being there. Just to remind you, we live in southwest Florida. Or, maybe you too are confused by the term jackfruit. Have you ever tried one?
Ripe Jackfruit
Jackfruit Tree

The last photo above has the fruit all the way up the trunk. Isn’t that wild? I think they are so neat looking, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to dive in and eat one. Google told me they are super healthy and packed with lots of goodies. They are known to cure ulcers and stomach ailments. I also looked up how to tell when they are ripe and where they mostly grow (Asia). This is why they are staples in Thai food and other Asian cuisine. The more you know.

Also, there are jackfruit chips. Thank you, Wikipedia. We loved this house, and we hope to use theseย Tips to Save for Your First Home to get our very own home one day.

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