Investing in the Future With Healthy Parenting Skills

Raising the next generation of scientists, inventors, and astronauts can be a daunting task in this rapidly changing world. As you try to stay on top of the newest technological advancement or changes in medical science, time can slip away, and you may feel overwhelmed at how much there is to teach the young Albert Einsteins, Jane Goodalls, Elon Musks, and Tu YouYous of the coming generation. Developing good parenting skills can help you stay one step ahead of the child-rearing rat-race. Here are four ways you can invest in the future of your children by using healthy parenting practices. 

Use All the Tools You Have Available

There are two sides to the controversial tech-toys use topic, but it is an important consideration in any interaction between parents and children. It has long been known children are proverbial sponges, and it has never been as true as with this generation of young ones that consistently interact with electronic toys, computers, and data wrist bands. The amount of information the young ones have assimilated through tech-toy interaction is still being studied, but it is clear children should have every chance to grow. For entrepreneur Harry Stylli, the importance of allowing children to advance in life using all available tools led him to become a board member of a charity that helps inner-city, at-risk children, thus allowing them to have more opportunities. Advanced learning is important to all children everywhere.

Stand Upon the Shoulders of Others

You live in an information age, so one of the most important things you can do in your drive to raise a healthy child is to understand which parenting practices have been scientifically proven, refuted, verified, and improved. Children are smarter, more curious, and more defiant as a generation than ever before, and each child is different in the way he or she learns. That means that while the method your parents used to rear you may have proven successful, it may not be the correct approach for your child. For example, spanking was once considered acceptable in setting limits for children, but modern parenting approaches use a thinking corner, redirection, or reasoning. To find out the latest studies and successful options for successful parenting, check out the internet parenting magazines and websites.

Communicate by Doing More Than Speaking

Some consider one of the most important parts of childrearing to be teaching a child how to effectively interact with others through calm communication. While this may seem simple, it can be more difficult than it sounds. Communication is about listening, analyzing, and replying. It is also about helping your child integrate various parts of his or her brain, such as bringing emotional awareness into verbal awareness. One reason teaching this principle can be difficult is that most people do not listen to others because they are actively creating a rebuttal or reply when another person is speaking, rather than listening and then thinking about what was said. Telling your child a story and having them explain back to you what the characters are doing and how each is feeling can help your child learn to integrate emotions and reasoning into his or her communication. The result may be fewer tantrums and more calm discussions.

Give Unconditional Love โ€“ and Hugs

It has been said that love makes the world go around, helps your child feel secure, and fills you up emotionally at the same time. In other words, you cannot give your child too much love. Hugs, laps, and comforting arms are essential for each child to understand you are their safe haven. When they are physically or emotionally hurting, the young one needs someone or something to turn to. Wouldnโ€™t you rather he or she tell you their tale of woe about the playground bully, instead of turning to their favorite stuffed animal? Letting your child know you love them even if they are the bully is also important. You can love the child without loving the action; you just have to help your young one understand the difference between the two โ€“ and then provide a glorious, healing hug.

Expand Coping Skills With Positivity

As children learn about themselves and their emotions, they may have a bad moment occasionally. Stressing that it is only a moment and not a whole day can work wonders in developing a childโ€™s positivity. By teaching your child that they can accept the situation, see that it wasnโ€™t the end of the world after all, and move past the moment into a more positive moment can teach invaluable coping skills.

Helping your child reach his or her full potential is part of almost every parentโ€™s dream. Helping your child learn to cope with problems, communicate effectively, and expand their knowledge base is just part of what parenting is all about. Teaching your child to have a positive attitude as you fill his or her world with laughter and hugs can go far in investing in the future of your child with healthy parenting skills.

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