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Interior Design: How to Make the Most Out of Unused Space

Whether it’s a spare bedroom, a dusty loft or that unused space in the corner of the living room, most homes have a little bit of room to spare. Unused areas are easy to forget about and can remain unused for years. However, this is a total waste of precious space. Make the most out of every nook and cranny in your home with these top tips.

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Creative Space

Everyone should have a creative space in the home. The type of place you can go to get your creative juices flowing, or just chill out. For you this could be a game room, a music room, a library or a space for meditation. Whatever you choose to do in your creative area, just make sure it is filled with your favorite things and comfortable furniture. Bean bags are a nod to the past, but nowadays you can find super stylish, foam-filled bean bags. They come in a range of colors and the largest ones can accommodate multiple people. Click here for a collection of top-quality bean bags to choose from.

Doggy Den

Creating a doggy den for Fido gives the phrase ‘in the doghouse’ a whole new meaning. Spoil your dog with a dedicated space just for them and make it extra comfortable with plush dog beds, fluffy cushions and all of their favorite toys. Get creative with the décor and add animal art to the walls. There are so many ways you can make this a luxurious sanctuary for your furry friend. For example, a zany, miniature ball pit and a fun slide can make the space extra special for your pet. Remember to add coat hooks for their accessories, shelves for their snacks and a secure place to store items such as shampoo and treatments.

Walk-In Closet

For unused lofts and compact rooms, a walk-in closet conversion can be a practical use of space. Fantastic for fashionistas, a walk-in closet can prevent mountains of clothes from piling up in the bedroom and will give you the space to store accessories, jewelry, makeup and more. Although you can hire someone to create a bespoke walk-in closet space for you, you can save money by creating one yourself. Essentially, all you need is somewhere to hang your clothes and designated places to keep your other belongings. Hanging space is a necessity – to maximize space, opt for an open closet. In addition, make use of redundant space. For example, the area above the door can be fitted with shelves and used to store seasonal items. Include drawers, or organizers, to keep everything separate and don’t forget to add ample lighting.

Home Cinema

If you have a dusty basement that you never use, transform it into a home cinema. For a cinematic experience like no other, furnish it with a home theater system that includes a video projector and surround sound. Comfortable seats, such as plush couches and corner units, are a must-have. To make your home cinema that little bit more special, install a fully equipped snack bar where you can grab a soda and freshly made popcorn to enjoy with your movie.

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