Instant Pot Side Dishes: The Best Instant Pot Recipes ๐Ÿฅ˜

Do you have a pressure cooker? There are so many possibilities when you add new appliances to your kitchen! From air fryers to Instant Pots, we love the variety of meals we can make with different kitchen tools. The Instant Pot is something that I am not super comfortable with, but I am trying. We have one hidden away in the pantry, but I am slowly starting to test it out. I curated a list of EASY Instant Pot side dishes to help inspire me to get cooking. These look simple enough for a beginner, and there are TONS of vegetable options. And, if you know my family, we are trying to do better about getting our son to eat vegetables. Let’s give some of these a try!

Instant Pot Side Dishes

Instant Pot Side Dishes

Break out your pressure cooker and let's make dinner! These Instant Pot side dishes are easy, delicious, and some of them are super healthy.

Krystal | Sunny Sweet Days
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