Grow a Plant, Glow Your Home: The Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Plants are an essential resource; without pants, we can’t survive. We rely on plants for medicine, water, food, the air we breathe, etc. With fewer plants and more greenhouse gases, problematic climate changes will likely increase.

To battle the issue at hand, planting more trees, flowers, and vegetables can significantly contribute to the right cause. As mentioned, we use air coming from plants to breathe. Effective breathing can give a greater sense of mental clarity, digest food more efficiently, reduce stress levels, better immune system, and help improve sleeping.

Indeed, plants make the world a better place. Add plants to your home to help make your house aesthetically pleasing and get the added health benefits that come with it! With these five plants below, you can get the best experience:

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Asters are known to bloom late during summer. These flowers are well-known for their late seasonal beauty. Asters commonly grow in Southern Europe and North America. These plants are also known as โ€œstarwortsโ€ or frost flowers. The word “aster” is derived from Greek, meaning multi-hued star-like blooms. 

The aster plant has many uses, it is beautiful to add to homes, but it is also edible and used for medicinal purposes. This plant is utilized as a treatment for diarrhea, fever, pain, and sensitive skin. Additionally, some people mash the plant and smudge it near the nose to revive unconscious people. 

The flowers and leaves can be eaten dried out or raw. Aster plants can also be eaten fresh in salads, used as a garnish or used in tea. Read more about Aster with this amazing set of guides on Gardener’s Path

Monstera Deliciosa

This plant is also known as split-leaf Philodendron and Swiss-cheese plants because of the leaves’ deep holes. The Monstera Deliciosa plant is a special kind, and its name contains two Latin parts. 

Monstera means monster, which symbolizes the giant leaves of this plant. Deliciosa refers to its edible fruit. The fruit grown in this plant comprises Vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus, no fat, and proteins. Be sure to keep in mind that its fruit is poisonous if it hasn’t fully ripened. These plants originated from tropical rainforests in Central America and soon entered different homes as house plants. 

The Monstera Deliciosa plant can make your house more attractive with the uniqueness they bring with their leaf patterns. It can make the air quality in your home more breathable and clean.  Monstera Deliciosa may be used to treat insect or snake bites and arthritis. Before using this plant as a medical alternative, consult with your doctor first.

Aloe Vera

Aloe veras are often used for cosmetic purposes. But it is also stylish and considered a practical addition to any home. This succulent plant helps purify the air, just like any plant. Aloe Vera removes toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, which can cause respiratory problems and other health problems from prolonged exposure.

The gooey substance or gel inside aloe vera leaves is the most useful. Some people often eat the gel as a means of rehydration. The gel contains tons of vitamins and minerals. It has amino acids, folic acid, vitamin b12, and so much more.

When placing aloe veras, ensure that you put it at a location that offers bright, indirect sunlight or even artificial sunlight. Aloe Veras does not appreciate direct sunlight. Placing it in direct sunlight tends to dry the plant out too much. When aloe vera isnโ€™t healthy, itโ€™s leaves turn yellow and will have less gel than normal. As a result, it will also be too subpar for use.


Add this beautiful flower shrub that adds color to your home. Its flowers are funnel-shaped, somewhat two-lipped, and of course, have a good fragrance. The leaves of the azalea plant are usually pointed and narrow.

The Azalea plant thrives on cool areas around -35ยฐF, to be exact. For this reason, azaleas are often placed in stuffy basements to improve indoor air quality. You can also place azaleas in your room as they can also improve the scent inside. Some varieties of azaleas are used in perfumes due to their fragrant smell.

Lady Slipper Orchid

The name Lady Slipper came from their resemblance to a delicate pair of feminine slippers. These feminine slippers had hues of white, pink, and variegated flowers. The Lady Slipper flower is a hardy perennial that can withstand the harsh winters in New England.

This flower can bring brightness to any room as well as attract good vibes. When taking care of lady slipper orchids, remember to place them in moderate to bright light. Beware of putting it under direct sunlight. You may opt to place it under fluorescent lights. These plants need this lighting to bloom. When watering them, keep them evenly moist, not wet. 


With the five plants mentioned above, you can already make your home glow. Growing a plant in your home is sure to benefit everyone, you, and your family. Although it might not be much, planting flowers and trees in your surroundings goes a long way. Remember, we only have one planet and we need to take care of it. 

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