Ice Cream Sundae Essentials

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Perhaps the easiest idea to enjoy summer afternoons and sunsets is with a traditional ice cream sundae. Whether youโ€™re planning a weekend get together, birthday party, or a family BBQ, you can use ice cream as a way to celebrate and enjoy summer. Any day can be a โ€œSundae Fundaeโ€ when you use Smuckerโ€™sยฎ toppings from Walmart! Keep reading to outfit your next dessert with ice cream sundae essentials.

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials
To start planning your sweet treats, stop at Walmart to browse the ice cream toppings. I sometimes forget that there is a variety of options available to top your ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials
Itโ€™s way more fun to add hot fudge or Magic Shell to your favorite ice cream flavor. You can turn an ordinary bowl of ice cream into a PARTY in a few simple steps.

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials

  1. Get creative with flavors. There is SO much variety when it comes to ice cream. Iโ€™ve lately been enjoying flavors like mint and coffee ice creams that Iโ€™ve never really tried before. I add a sundae syrup for an extra punch of sweet flavor.

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials
Butterscotch is a family flavor, and caramel is a familiar taste. We love to use these flavors with vanilla ice cream and Magic Shell!

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials
Mint cookie crunch pairs well with cookies and cream ice creams and plain chocolate. I also like to try pistachio with mint along with peanut butter!

  1. Try something new. The best part of Smuckerโ€™s ice cream toppings is the variety. There is always something new to try. I saw this hot dark chocolate topping, and I had to have it!

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials

  1. Let guests serve themselves. When you plan ice cream sundaes for your family, make sure that guests are able to serve themselves. Set up a station with all the essentials so itโ€™s easy to enjoy!

Ice Cream Sundae Party Essentials

  • Metal ice cream scoops (much easier to use than plastic!)
  • Bowls
  • Waffle cones
  • Sprinkles
  • Smuckerโ€™sยฎ Toppings at Walmart
    • Magic Shell
    • Sundae Syrup
    • Hot fudge
  • Cherries
  • Mint
  • Napkins

Hot Fudge
Once you have all your ice cream sundae essentials, get ready to ENJOY!

Ice Cream Sundae Essentials

How do you like your ice cream? What are your favorite toppings? Make Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes orย Colorful Candy Party With Surprise Balloons for a fun party decor!

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