How To Start Baking as A Hobby

Baking is a fun skill that you can perfect with lots of practice and determination. Fortunately, there are many tutorials and resourceful material on the Internet that will help you turn baking into a worthwhile hobby. You might be wondering where to start to be able to recreate all those delicious baked goods you have pinned on Pinterest. Without further ado, letโ€™s discuss how you can begin baking as a hobby.

assorted shaped dough

Ensure you have the right equipment

As a newbie to baking, you might be wondering what tools and utensils you need and at what cost. High-quality equipment might cost you at the onset, but from there, it will be smooth sailing ahead. We recommend buying the basics first and investing in more tools later.

Gather all the equipment you need

Please donโ€™t wait until you mix ingredients in the bowl to realize you forgot a certain component. It would help skim through the entire recipe and create a checklist. This list will prevent you from leaving anything out.

Separate the wet and dry ingredients

Each recipe you come across will instruct you to mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl from the wet ingredients. Take note to combine the dry ingredients properly before mixing to cut down on the stirring time when the time comes to combine both the wet and dry components.

Crack your eggs in a separate bowl

Technically, eggs should go with the wet ingredients. However, you should crack the eggs in a separate bowl lest you find out that one of them is spoilt. Adding a spoilt egg to the entire wet mix of ingredients ruins the whole batch. It will also be easier to fish out pieces of rogue eggshells.

Combine all the ingredients to form a uniform batter

Once you have ascertained that all the eggs are fresh and have added them to the wet ingredients, it is time to combine everything. Create a hole in the middle of your dry ingredients containing healthy options like a zero calorie sweetener and use a spatula to stir everything together slowly. Ensure you mix until everything is uniform.

Pre-heat the oven

Many people ignore the crucial step of pre-heating their ovens. Ensure you switch on your oven to the temperature indicated on the recipe to allow it to reach peak temperature. After the oven has reached the required temperature, you are free to add the batter.

Grease your baking pans

You may have done a good job up to this point and prepared the best cake mix. However, if you fail to prep your sheet pans, your cake will stick to the pan and rip apart when you try to get it out. Ensure you grease your baking pans using a non-stick spray or some butter.

Decorate your cake

Once the cake is fresh out of the oven, and you have let it cool down, use frosting or whipped cream to bring it to life. If you feel artsy and creative, whip out your cake decorating tools and create some magic on your delicacy.

Wrap up 

With these tips, you will be baking like a pro in no time! We hope this article will help you figure out how to get started with the nitty-gritty. Practice will make you a perfect baker!

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