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How to Host Your Own Happy Hour At Home

I think it is time to bring back the daily happy hour, don’t you? Happy hour has been known to be that time after a crazy day at work to gather with co-workers and friends to have a few drinks and de-stress.ย Instead of piling into an over crowded bar, why not change it up and invite your friends over for happy hour at home? It’s a fun party to throw and the best part is, it doesn’t require a lot of prep or money. Look below at helpful tips on how to host your own happy hour at home!

Warsteiner Summer Beer

How to Host Your Own Happy Hour

The Drinks: Don’t go crazy with expensive liquor for this party. Keep it simple with beer and one mixed drink, like a pitcher of martinis or an easy gin and tonic. Throw in some sodas and water and you’re set. Remember, not everyone may be into alcohol so you must please the non-drinkers too! Make sure you also have plenty of lemons, limes, and olives on hand.

Best Cocktail Ideas

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The Food:ย Fill some bowls with chips and pretzels, with accompanying dips. Remember, this is happy hour, you’re not throwing a sit down dinner or a chic cocktail party, no need to go overboard with fancy appetizers. Who doesn’t like to munch on tortilla chips and salsa or simple pita chips and hummus? You can also scatter small bowls of peanuts and almonds around the room for people to pick on. If you want to get a little fancy, pick up frozen mini quiches at the supermarket that you can easily heat and serve. You might love theseย Cilantro Lemon Chicken Skewers too!

Strawberry Beer Pops

The Scene: This is one of my favorite tips when it comes to how to host your own happy hour. Probably the best part of hosting this party is that it requires little to no decor. Don’t bother with the garland or tissue paper pom poms! You can easily find what you need at Target or any local party store. Grab a cute disposable tablecloth and some colorful plastic bowls for your chips and maybe a basin to throw your ice and beers into. That’s it, happy hour is a casual scene so keep it that way at home too. Make a playlist of your favorite bar songs for some fun background tunes.

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Check out these tips for how to host your own happy hour, then get your happy hour on! Pour yourself a drink, mingle with your guests and graciously accept your praises for throwing such a fun get together. Ok, maybe that’s going too far but everyone will love your fab happy hour!

If you do want to head out, tryย Cocktails and Conversation at Outback Steakhouse.

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