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How to Entertain Holiday Guests

Christmas Tree OrnamentAs if you aren’t stressed enough this time of year, you’ve also got out-of-town guests staying with you. They might say they don’t need entertainment…but they do! Whether they hop in their rental car and give you some time alone, or you spend time together by taking them on a “field trip,” get them out of the house with any of these ideas:

Explore Museums & Children’s Museums: These locations will likely not be busy because everyone else is shopping at the mall or going to see Santa. Museums for adults are typically calm in the storm of crowds elsewhere, and children’s museums give kiddos a way to get their energy out (so they don’t destroy your home or drive you up the wall).

Check Out Local Art Galleries: Give guests a taste of the local culture, while supporting small businesses and local artisans. The art they see in the galleries in your town will likely be different from what they see back home.

Visit Beaches and Parks: Let your company experience a different atmosphere from what they’re used to. Maybe you have a different climate or terrain for them to explore. Let them be tacky tourists and pose for pictures with scenic views. To avoid holiday bickering at the very least, it’s best to get fresh air!

Take Them Downtown: It may be humdrum to you, but day or night, your downtown area is out-of-the-ordinary for your guests. There is bound to be something quaint (maybe an antique store) or something spectacular (skyscrapers, giant sculptures) to see.

See the Lights: Hop in the car and participate in a (free) time-honored tradition of checking out holiday light displays. You may not even know it, but you could have a Clark Griswold in your city. Ask around, check your local paper or go to Google for addresses. The same goes for live nativity performances at local churches.

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How do you entertain out-of-town guests?

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