Mold Management Hacks For The Home

Mold is a pest. In our homes we always want the space to be warm and welcoming and above all else, tidy, and unfortunately this isnโ€™t always the case when it comes to damp and mold. 

When our houses become damp and warm for a long period of time it can attract a whole host of different creatures. Things such as mites and bugs love a humid atmosphere and so does mold. These black spores can be a nightmare for homeowners and they can take over a whole window or walk within a short space of time. 

Before you choose Mold remediation to solve the issues, try some of these tips today. 

Check for leaks. The biggest sign you will receive to tell you there is a leak in your home is a patch of mold. If suddenly you start to see a corner of the room filling with mold, this is an indication that water is leaking into your home and walls. This is something you will need to get fixed as soon as you can and it will prevent mold from forming in the future. 

Check window frames. As well as walls, windows are the most common place to find mold in the home. If you have any gaps between the window and the frame around it this acts as the ideal place for water to build up. Once water is in this space it wonโ€™t take long for mold to form and take over the whole area. Make sure that your windows are sealed around the edges. 

Bleach the area. The biggest challenge you will have when faced with mold is cleaning it away safely. When mold builds up it can be dangerous for us to clean because as we move the spores they will enter the air and can be inhaled. It is important to wear a mask and gloves when dealing with mold, and bleach the areas thoroughly. Mold and mildew Spray works wonders, and if you Spray the area and leave it for an hour, you can come back and clean up the residue with no issues. 

Take away moldy wallpaper. There will sometimes be a situation where the wallpaper has become moldy due to moisture in the air and if this happens to you, you will need to take it off and start over. Wallpaper is impossible to completely clean so it is best to take it off and start again in the future.

Seal and paint. Once you have cleaned the mold away from your home, it is time to put into place some measures to keep it clean. One of the easiest ways that you can keep the home clean is to seal all leaks and gaps in the walls and windows. This will stop water coming in and keep mold away. You can also think about painting with antibacterial paint and this should prevent them from coming back. 

Keep dry. Now it is time to keep the house dry. Try and keep the windows open on the lock all day every day if you can and this will allow air flow through the home which will keep it dry all year long.

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