How to Care for Your Cannabis Seedling

Having decided to plant several cannabis seedlings, it is important to know how to take care of the plant during its different stages of growth. You can also look at our guide about growing marijuana from seed to know the best way to germinate cannabis seeds.

Choose Your Pot

Even though you have only a small sprout, it would be much better to choose a suitable pot for the plant. For starters, it is better to choose very small containers. Larger pots hold much more soil, but the soil contains too much moisture for a seedling. As a result, a large amount of water can flood the sprout.

Even though your pot will be small at first, it’s important to use the right soil. Do not choose too dense soil and poor drainage in the pot. Excess water must be removed from the pot so as not to create water stagnation, which can lead to mold and various diseases.

How to transplant the seedling?

Although your plant is still tiny, sooner or later it will need a transplant. Your plant is ready to be transplanted when it has about 4 sets of leaves. Another sign is if the root system of the seedling starts to tangle and crawl out of the pot. Then it is a sure sign to change the container to a larger pot.

Do Your Seedlings Need Fertilization?

A large amount of fertilizer will certainly kill your plant in the first weeks of seedling growth. But what is crucial is to develop an excellent and healthy root system in the plant. It is essential to do that in the first weeks of seedling growth. Bad roots will not be able to absorb nutrients well, and you can completely forget about a rich harvest.

That is why during the first and second weeks, you need to fertilize your sprout a little. It is best not to use nutrients and resort to the help of substrates. You can take manure or earthworm humus. After that, you will forget for another 2 weeks that you need to fertilize your plant.

How to Ensure Good Seedling Growth?

There are a few general rules that will help you successfully grow a seedling:

  1. Place the plant close to a light source. If the plants do not receive enough light per day, they will begin to grow rapidly and “stretch” to the light more and more. It creates stress for the plant and weakens it.
  2. When growing indoors, choosing a good angle for placing the lamps is important. It is also best to use reflectors to ensure the even distribution of light.
  3. The plant must be exposed to the wind. Light gusts of wind will force the plant to spend its energy on strengthening the stem. Otherwise, your marijuana seedling may grow weak.
  4. Transplanting is a very traumatic experience for a small sprout. Don’t repot your plant too often. In addition, during transplantation, it is worth paying attention to the condition of the roots. The root system is just developing, so try not to damage it.
  5. While your plant is still a seedling, it will not need much water. You will need to water the plant about every 4-7 days. Make sure your pots have good drainage.
  6. Check the appearance of your plant regularly. It can tell you a lot about possible problems.

Marijuana Seedling Red Flags

  • The overly rapid growth of cannabis seedlings is more of a very bad sign than a good one. If the characteristics of the strain do not include fast growth, then you should take a closer look at the plant. Often, abnormally rapid growth creates weak plants unable to support their weight.
  • It is also essential to monitor the appearance of your sprout. For example, a purple stem can also become an alarming sign. If that is not a characteristic of the strain (some marijuana plants have purple leaves and stems, it is indeed their genetic feature) then it is vital to pay attention to the environment. Sometimes a seedling will get a purple stem if the temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the problems with cannabis can be recognized by evaluating its environment. You also need to be very careful about diseases that can kill your plant. You have to recognize the symptoms in time and start treatment.

Bottom Line

As your plant grows a little larger, it will be able to give you clear signals of what the seedling is missing. However, the first weeks are the most critical for the cannabis plant. You should carefully monitor the plants and care for them properly.

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