How to BOO Your Neighbors: BOO Printable

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Are you ready to celebrate the best that October 31st has to offer?! Halloween has long been my favorite holiday, and it has nothing to do with trick-or-treating! I love being able to craft creative costumes and share family traditions year after year. Though, the sweets ARE a highlight! Every year, we try to surprise our friends and family with a Halloween party or a special dessert, and now, we celebrate our neighbors with a BOO basket with Butterfingerยฎ, Crunchยฎ, 100 Grandยฎ and Baby Ruthยฎ candy from Walgreens!

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Have you ever been BOOed? If you have never been BOOed before or surprised someone with a BOO basket, this is going to be so much fun! Giving is more fun than receiving, and I have just the thing you need to make your neighborly gift the best ever this year! 

What is a Boo Basket?

First, you need to create a simple Halloween themed basket to delight your neighbors. Ideally, you would fill this with treats (no tricks!). For my basket, I used Halloween home decor items and CANDY! Butterfingerยฎ is a family favorite and a classic that everyone loves, so we included a bag of fun size treats inside! 

We love Butterfingerยฎ for its unique peanut buttery flavor PLUS it has that crispety crunchetyยฎ texture that is awesome in a recipe or in your trick-or-treat bag! And, as always, there are no artificial flavors or colors. 

Want to include other candy? Here are my top picks!

Halloween Candy Coupon

Get ready to save now at Walgreens on all your favorite Butterfingerยฎ, Baby Ruthยฎ, Crunchยฎ, or 100 Grandยฎ treats! Mix and match your boo baskets with any of these candies!

The pumpkin votive is a nice touch and can help your gift recipient display their treats inside their home.

The plastic bucket was an awesome find since it was big enough to hold candy treats and more! I used spider webbing for padding instead of tissue paper or other fillers. 

How do you Boo Your Neighbors? 

To โ€œbooโ€ your neighbors, you surprise them by leaving a boo basket at their door! Get started with this printable card that I designed to attach to your basket! 

Boo Your Neighbors Printable

Butterfinger๏ปฟ๏ปฟยฎ, Crunchยฎ, Baby Ruthยฎ and 100 Grandยฎ are options for versatile Halloween candy to stock up on since you can bake with it and share it with friends. Walgreens can help you grab everything you need, and their seasonal sales are always amazing.

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