How Poor Posture Affects Our Health And Tips To Improve It

Posture can be described as the position or bearing of the body. It could be by sitting, sleeping, standing, etc. There is good posture, and there is bad posture that can adversely affect your health. As you read further in this article, you will find tips that can help to improve health issues developed by poor posture. Poor posture can lead to several complications, including shoulder pain, stiffness, pain in the back, headaches, breathing disorders, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, ribs compression, rounded shoulders, arthritis, and heartburn.

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Causes Of Poor Posture

You cannot find a solution without knowing the cause of poor posture. Several factors lead to poor posture. It can be a genetic condition that influenced the posture from birth. It can be injuries from sports or other activities. It can be sitting for many hours each day or overuse or underuse of body parts.

How To Improve Posture

Avoid Sitting For Long Periods

Sitting too long doesnโ€™t only occur at work. It can also happen often at home if you donโ€™t pay attention to it. Donโ€™t sit too long. If you have to sit for a prolonged period, get a supportive chair, a sit-stand desk, and sit with your feet flat on the ground. If your chairs are soft and squashy, you can switch to ergonomic chairs in the office or at home if you work from home. You can also use a lumbar roll for support. Studies show that people find it comfortable to use gaming chairs for studying as it supports healthy sitting. Set the alarm to remind you of standing up and moving around. Always use seats that support your back and shoulders. You can adjust the desk monitor to your eye level and your seat to accommodate healthy sitting at work or your home office.

Quit Slouching

This often happens if you have to work for hours on end while sitting or standing. You can take walks intermittently, sit and stand tall immediately, stretch back the other way when you catch yourself slouching. It helps when you picture a straight line through your head down to your feet while standing or sitting to adjust your posture. Donโ€™t sit in a hunched position for long periods.

Regular Exercise

You have to move your body. Regular exercise is so important for your health which in turn helps to improve muscle strength and tone. Stretch, walk, turn your head from side to side, work your neck muscles often, and do strengthening exercises to keep your core and postural muscles strong. Do gentle and simple exercises like Yoga, brisk walking, swimming, Pilates, dance, and Tai Chi while working on improving your posture. If youโ€™re into weight lifting, do not use your back; use your thigh muscles. Exercises like Superman, core, shoulder blades, and neck extensions help improve posture.

Breathing Properly

Poor posture can cause problems because to breathe properly, the diaphragm needs enough space to contract fully and the lungs to expand with each breath fully. Bad posture makes it harder to breathe, and good posture improves breathing. You can improve your breathing optimally by straightening your posture while sitting and taking multiple deep breaths at intervals during the day; this expands your lungs.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Extra weight can hurt your posture by putting strain on your joints and weakening your abdominal muscles, thereby causing your spine and pelvic muscles problems. An unhealthy weight can also cause lower back pain.

Good Sleep

Being unable to relax the body fully at night, looking for a comfortable position to sleep, thereby losing sleep, is one of the major problems of poor posture. The sleeping posture is as vital as your sitting and standing posture. Get a very good and firm mattress, preferably an orthopedic mattress thatโ€™ll align your spine, and you can sleep comfortably without worrying about body aches and pain. 

Always Use Surfaces With Comfortable Heights

Whether in the office or the home, you need to use or work with surfaces and heights comfortable for you. It could be when you are eating a meal, sitting in front of the computer, or preparing dinner, always use surfaces with comfortable heights, so you donโ€™t have to slouch. Also, wear comfortable shoes; wearing shoes that are uncomfortable stresses your muscles and this can throw you off balance and harm your posture. Either wear comfortable high heeled shoes with the right balance or wear low heeled/ flats comfortable shoes that give the proper support. 

Itโ€™s important to note that bad posture causes health issues and also affects self-esteem and confidence. To improve our health and confidence with good posture, we have put together some tips that will help correct our posture. While going about daily life, always adjust yourself to reflect that good posture. 

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