Healthy Hotel Snacks

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Heading out for a summer road trip or staycation? Don’t forget the snacks! It might be easy to find a healthy snack on the go, but sometimes you need variety! Or, your child might have a different idea of what is “healthy.” Here are a few ideas for your next trip including information from Red Roof about how to have the best hotel stay yet!

Healthy Hotel Snacks

Travel Snack Ideas

Granola or granola bars. Granola is so easy to travel with, and there are so many varieties!

Apples and nut butter. We are loving cashew butter right now, and apples are a family favorite. You can slice up apples in advance and pack them in a container to prevent browning.

Cereal. We can snack on cereal all day long! Look for dry cereal in a plastic bag that you can store in your car for a quick snack on the road. You can find low-sugar cereals if you want something healthier. There are cereals with added fiber and other nutrients so it’s a fast fix for kid-friendly snacks that do more than just fill you up!

Vegetables with dip. Grab a cooler and pack your favorite vegetables! I like using whole-grain crackers with sliced veggies like red peppers and tomatoes with hummus. YUM! Try bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, and even cauliflower.

If your kids like granola, youโ€™re in luck, because it is a great thing to bring along the trip as a healthy snack. First of all, granola bars are a good option since they are non-perishable and can easily store in your purse for a road trip, ride on the train or bus, or on the airplane. There are organic, all-natural granola bars, so you donโ€™t need to feed them any preservatives. Also, consider simply putting some healthy granola and nuts in portion-size plastic bags as a quick snack.

Fruit. Look for fruit that doesn’t need to be cool like bananas, apples, and citrus. Easy to enjoy on the go and tasty too!

When you plan your trip with Red Roof, don’t forget the snacks! Turn a fun road trip into an adventure.

What destination is on your wish list?

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