Top Healthiest Drinks To Stay Energized All Day

Energy drinks are important for anyone who wants to boost their energy levels anytime anywhere. Unfortunately, the common energy drinks we know of have lots of sugars and calories and one wonders whether they are healthy. Others have added colors and sweeteners that any health-conscious person strives to avoid. Sometimes you are forced to cling to your coffee with its high caffeine levels. However, too much coffee is not healthy for you too and thus you would want to discover the top healthiest drinks to stay energized all day. Check this out:

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Fresh Juice

You can prepare some fresh fruit juice right at home. There are vital ingredients you can include in your juice to make it healthier and more energy-boosting. You can include acai berry to make your juice more nutritious. Acai berries have high levels of vitamin B, proteins, fatty acids, and potassium. You can also include celery in your juice as itโ€™s a healthy vegetable that is not only edible as a vegetable but can also add taste to your fresh juice. If you are to use celery in your juice ensure you have a celery juicer that is versatile, effective, and one that can leave you with a refreshing celery extract. This juice can boost your metabolism and thus give you more energy. Such juice can also help you lose weight in case that is your aim.

Herbal Teas

There are herbs like ginseng and eleuthero which can help you boost your energy levels like Eleuthero and Ginseng.ย  Ginseng is essential and can help you adapt to stress and boost your stamina. These herbs came in many forms like the Siberian ginseng. It is good for both adults and children although itโ€™s important to check the amount in milligrams that you should not exceed per day. You can also make tea using ginseng. Schizandra Tea, camomile tea, and hibiscus teas are good types of herbal teas that can help you to detoxify your liver and improve your general wellbeing. These herbal teas can balance your blood sugars to help you enjoy a good day full of energy. These teas can help you concentrate and focus on your dayโ€™s activities. They can help you cure fatigue and stimulate your brain.

Vegetable Drinks

Did you know you can prepare a healthy energy drink from vegetables? You can have some spinach, a smith apple, a lemon, some kales, cucumber, and beetroots. After washing your vegetables you can juice them to extract some nutritious juice which you can consume immediately or store in your refrigerator for later use. This drink can also serve as a meal when you are feeling hungry instead of you going for chips. The extract is easy to digest and has all the vital nutrients, phytonutrients, and minerals found in these vegetables. Besides boosting your energy levels, the drink can also nourish your body with several nutritional requirements.


You can make your own smoothie a home to give yourself such an energy treat. Include some beetroots, strawberries, spinach, bananas, avocado, and some almond milk, and blend all these ingredients together. You will reap vitamins A, B, C, and some significant levels of potassium. Beetroots can also help you boost your use of oxygen. You can add some wheatgrass either fresh or powdered to your smoothie to have some antioxidants, extra vitamins, and minerals. You can be sure to stay energized all day.

B Vitamins Drinks

B vitamins are vital in stimulating your body to produce more energy. Vitamin B-12 and other B-vitamins complex help enhance metabolism in your body leaving you with lots of energy. There are energy drinks that have these vitamins and therefore anytime you are going out to grab an energy drink, consider one made from B vitamins. Some cereal drinks also contain these vitamins. Nutritional yeast is also a good ingredient to look for in B vitamins drinks.

Coconut Water

This is a natural drink that can boost your energy levels. Coconut is also rich in minerals and you can obtain good levels of potassium by taking this drink. Young and Thai coconuts have good coconut water. If you can access coconut fruits yourself and extract the water on your own, the better. However, if you are buying the coconut water from a nearby store ensure it is a legitimate store lest you are sold water with some added sugars.

The top healthiest drinks that can help you stay energized all day, are natural drinks that cannot have any addictive effects on you. Some B vitamins, smoothies, fresh juice, herbal teas, coconut water, and vegetable drinks are a good source of energy for you. These drinks also have lots of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals and thus can nourish your body and supplement your bodyโ€™s nutritional requirements.

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