Healthy Breakfast Options: Boost Brain Activity in Students

The best way to start a day when in college is to make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. There are many options that are available and these are all affordable. If you are a student that has a small budget but wants to maintain brain health, these food options are a perfect choice. You will be faced with long days, huge workloads, and many papers that need to be written. By staying focused from the start of the day, you can be alert in class and still have the energy to complete assignments and essays. Check out some of the great examples of affordable and healthy breakfast items that can quickly be prepared every morning.

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Choosing Eggs

Many students are under the impression that eating healthy results in ingesting things with an unpleasant taste. Eggs are an affordable option and they can be made in different ways to offer a great taste and a boost to the brain. With many students feeling pressure to complete college essays and papers, so there are some options. Some students will require case study help when they are completing an assignment. Case studies can be a daunting task for many. By eating a healthy breakfast like eggs, one will have more stamina, will remain alert throughout the day, and can write this important paper. Eggs are loaded with choline, one of the nutrients that are essential for brain health. It can help you preserve memory and can make sure you remain sharp. Add eggs to your breakfast schedule and then tackle that research paper or essay!

Oatmeal Options

As a student, you will be on a tight budget and a tight schedule. Oatmeal makes for a perfect breakfast. It is a fast way to start the day and will provide a feeling of fullness. Even teachers that are facing a long day of grading college papers can benefit from this power meal. When grading papers, teacher comments for studentsโ€™ writing are essential. These will help any student improve their grades by making necessary changes. To give the best feedback, even teachers need to start the day with a great breakfast.

Like eggs, oatmeal contains choline to help maintain a good memory and also helps increase attention. Having attention is important when writing papers. You will need to properly spell for good grades, so paying attention to details is essential. With a good memory and a full stomach, essays can be tackled and you will be able to be alert throughout classes during the day.  


Fruit is always a healthy thing to add to any diet. They are an affordable option and with many varieties, students can have a different breakfast option every day! By adding fruit to breakfast, you can remain healthy and have a great balance of nutrients and vitamins. Some of the best fruit options for improving brain function include:

  • Blueberries โ€“ These are considered superfoods. They stimulate the blood flow in the body and maintain the function of the brain during learning.
  • Avocados โ€“ These are almost as great s blueberries as they contain Vitamin K and folate. Both of these can improve concentration and memory. Avocados have also been proven to prevent brain blood clots. In addition, they improve memory function due to being rich in monosaturated fat. 
  • Watermelon โ€“ Get a great dose of lycopene from this fruit to act as an antioxidant. Watermelon is a super source of pure water, which is always advantageous to brain health.

Grab Some Nuts

We know that every student and teacher is always on a tight schedule. You may not have time to prepare your healthy breakfast. If you are on the go and need a boost to start the day, a handful of walnuts is one great option. These nuts have protein that will satisfy hunger and there are healthy fats. Nuts can improve memory and are also beneficial in helping inflammation. Some ways in which walnuts are beneficial to the brain include:

  • High in rich fat and protein
  • High level of Vitamin E can prevent brain damage
  • Has Vitamin B6 that can boost serotonin levels


You may not think of broccoli as a breakfast food, but it is a great food for brain health and memory. If you have a student contract for grades with a teacher, you can start to use this powerful food to start your day and be more clear. Instead of struggling with grades and having these contracts with teachers, you can kickstart your brain with a healthy breakfast. Broccoli is one of the best brain foods available. It contains very high levels of Vitamin K as well as choline. Both of these can aid in brain function and allow students to have better concentration.

Broccoli is a veggie that is packed with Vitamin C, so it can also help keep the rest of your body healthy. Think you will not feel full after eating this green for breakfast? You are wrong! Broccoli is high in fiber, so you will have a full feeling while enjoying the many other nutritious benefits of this vegetable. Combine it with eggs to create a tasty omelet and get the benefits of both!


Despite having a busy schedule. It is important to slow down and pay attention to your health. To be successful in college, brain health is something to consider. By choosing any of these great breakfast options, you can start each day on the right foot and get some amazing health benefits. Skipping breakfast or having a poor diet can lead to feelings of exhaustion, confusion, and even depression. Enjoy some of these affordable foods to start your day and stay healthy!

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