Out Of Ideas For Game Night? Here’s A List Of Fun Activities

Game night is a great way to spend time with friends and family. There's nothing like sitting around the table playing games with loved ones. But, sometimes, it can be difficult coming up with new activities for game night, but here's a list of some of the best that will guarantee lots of laughs and smiles! 

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Try Bowling

If you've got a bowling alley in your area, it can be a really fun place to take your friends and family for game night. Make sure you go early so that you can have enough time to rent out lanes ahead of time. Bowling alleys are also great because they offer tons of different types of bowling balls with weight options, colors, etc., so everyone is bound to find something that they like. According to experts at www.skilledbowlers.com, the best type of ball to use is a 15 or 16-pound weight, as it's perfect for most individuals. Also, balls that are highly polished and non-pearled work best. Pearling creates too much friction between the ball and the lane, which reduces control.

But, if you aren't comfortable going to the bowling alley and renting lanes, or there is not a bowling alley close to you, there are always alternatives like playing traditional bowling at home on your Wii!

Frisbee Golf

This is a great game to play outside when you're looking for something more exciting than just kicking a soccer ball or catching football with your friends. Frisbee golf isn't as complicated as regular golf because it only requires one disc! All you have to do is throw the disc towards a metal pole in the ground that has numbers on top of it. The number represents how many points you get for hitting that specific target, so aim carefully!

Playing this game outside is not only a great way to stay active, but it's also a really fun way to spend time with your friends and family. The activity itself brings people together because everyone has to work together to get the disc in the best spot possible, so be sure to watch out for each other when you're playing! This is a great alternative for those of you who don't have room in your yard or house to play normal golf.

Ping Pong Tournaments

If there's someone in your family who loves ping pong, bring them the joy of a ping pong tournament for game night! If you don't have one in your area, just bring out the paddles and ball. Create teams, or have each person face off against each other to determine who will be the winner. Maybe make it interesting by putting up some money on the line? Who knows, maybe people will get really competitive!

Board Game Night

Everyone loves board games – they're fun, easy to play with large numbers of people, and can easily turn into an all-day event when you are having that much fun playing them! Just make sure that everyone is aware ahead of time when you are planning to play board games so that no one has any prior engagements scheduled. Also, if possible, it never hurts to call your friends and family ahead of time to make sure that they know you plan on holding a board game night and encourage them to come over.

The best kinds of board games for large groups are ones that involve everyone playing together, like The Game Of Life or Monopoly. These kinds of games allow multiple players without too much repetition for each individual person who is taking their turn.

Game Night at the Ice Rink

If there's an ice rink near you, try taking your family members there one night for some open ice skating! Ice rinks are really popular during the winter months when people want to get out of their houses and spend some time outside. Plus if the weather isn't cooperating outside, you can just go inside.

Open ice skating is a great way for families to bond because it requires teamwork to be successful at actually being able to skate! Some people may need a little extra help to stay on their feet, so there's always someone willing and eager to give the needed support. 

There are many different and exciting things to do for game night. You can go bowling at home on your Wii or play traditional bowling in a lane with friends. Board games offer the opportunity to compete against each other without too much repetition per individual player. If it's cold outside, try ice skating with your family members! No matter what activity you decide on, make sure it's something everyone can participate in and enjoy. Game nights are about having fun with family and friends, so make sure the activities you choose do just that!

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