Comedy Night Party

Today’s party inspiration features a comedy night. Host a game night with funny movies, silly drinks, and outrageous games!

Funny Game Night
The cloud couch is certainly a splurge, but I would love to have something cozy to lounge on while hosting family and friends. Encourage guests to wear shirts with funny quotes on them and serve up a hearty beer cocktail. Food Network’s Beer Sangria sounds amazing. I’ve never spiked my sangria with vodka before … so this would be an interesting mix.
As for the party games, break out Funny or Die! I’m sure you’re familiar with the website responsible for so many viral videos. I’m addicted to watching them. Now, my favorite comedy website is a board game too.
Funny or Die Board Game

Funny or Die is a caption game with hilarious quotes and images to pair together. It’s appropriate for ages 13+, and I agree with the ranking.

Funny or Die
You get cash, funny or die tokens, and image/quote cards to begin play.
Funny or Die Party Game

The game is pretty simple, but the outcome can be hysterical! We played a few rounds and matched images to quotes and vice versa.

Play Funny or Die

Players then vote on the combinations.

Funny or Die Game

Some of my combinations were not as funny as I had thought!

Party Game Ideas

This combo was a total winner though.

Want to host your own game night? 


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