Fashion Night Out {Tampa Edition}

Anything that offers free champagne is on my To Do List. Jen suggested we head out to International Plaza’s Fashion Night Out and I’m glad I said yes! Last Thursday was kind of a blur. I had to put my notice in at work, I got a new job offer (!!!), and my husband started his first day at his new job. Blur blur blur. Everyone can enjoy a fun event like this even if they haven’t studied fashion via online university degrees.

In fact, I got offered the job just as I sat down at the bar to have a beer. What timing!

International Plaza’s Fashion Night Out had DJs, champagne everywhere, and lots of other goodies set up. We just wanted the booze. And the cupcakes.

Jen & I at Happy Hour before Fashion Night Out Started5
Oh hai.

Free drinks everywhere!

After walking the mall, we went to The Grape which is one of my favorites. It’s a wine bar and Amanda and Carmen were there. No longer internet stalking them – I legit met them in person. Carmen made all my pretty poms for the wedding! Anyway, I had a delicious wine flight… and a glass of prosecco. I also asked Jen 14 times that night how to spell prosecco.

Fashion Night Out 2011

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