Family and Faith With American Underdog

Get ready to watch American Underdog this holiday season!

Get to Know American Underdog

This movie shares the inspiring story of Kurt Warner who is played by Zachary Levi who started as a stock boy at a grocery store to being a famous NFL Super Bowl Champ! He’s also in the Hall of Fame as a quarterback and previous MVP. The movie discusses the dream of being an athlete and the support needed to reach those goals. Anna Paquin plays his wife, Brenda, and it is through the love and encouragement of family, friends, coaches, and teammates that Kurt Warner reaches his dream!

This is an Inspirational film for the entire family in theaters everywhere Christmas Day 2021.

Things to Do With Your Family on Christmas Day

We always used to go to the movies after opening presents on Christmas morning. It was one way to stay connected as a family but de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Stock up on popcorn and movie snacks at the snack bar and cozy up for American Underdog. Your entire family will enjoy the story and it will be a heartwarming memory for your holiday.

Want to learn more about American Underdog? Stop by Dad 2.0 for an interview with Kurt Warner and Zachary Levi! You can also listen to Episode 104 of the Dad 2.0 Podcast, which features the audio version of the interview (also available on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Google podcasts.

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