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I received a sample box to review.
There is nothing I like more than receiving happy mail. What’s happy mail? Fun surprises in my mailbox! Subscription boxes help my happy mail hobby, and FabFitFun has a great seasonal box with amazing products inside.ย It feels like my birthday every time I receive a box! And, in fact, some of the items in the box can be gifted as well. Or, you can gift a FabFitFun box! This is basically the best idea for Mother’s Day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! FabFitFun Box FabFitFun is a subscription box with full-size fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products.ย The box comes out once each season, and it retails for $49.99 (but it has a value of over $200!).



FabFitFun To make sure you’re always in the loop be sure to join the affiliate Facebook Group! We talk about all things affiliate related and let you know each season when new info is up. Joinย here. FabFitFun Box Products in your box are indicated in the card that comes with it, along with the retail pricing for each item! Here’s my FabFitFun spring box haul: Herb Garden by MakersKit ($35) FabFitFun Box Contour Kit by ISH ($32) Bath Bomb Trinity by Jus D’Amour ($28) Keratin Gloves and Socks ($9.98) FabFitFun Box Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona ($65) Shaving Emulation Lotion by HelloLegs ($19.95) Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh ($22.99) FabFitFun Box Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew ($14.99) $25 Gift Card by 31 Bits $30 Gift Card by Sterling Forever Total Retail: $282.91! FabFitFun Box The herb garden was a clear favorite since we have the perfect spot for this! I have always wanted to grow my own, but I never managed to. I now have basil, thyme, and mint planted and watered! Spring 2018 FabFitFun Promo Code

FabFitFun Promo Code

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FabFitFun Box (Coupon Code: SPRINGLOVE)

What item in this box is YOUR favorite?

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