Easy Upgrades To Make Your Home More Sellable

When you place your home on the real estate market, you want to sell it as quickly as possible, ideally within days of the initial listing. Whether you are excited to move into your new place or concerned about the cost of having a home for sale, you want your home to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Though these upgrades may not increase the sale price of the house, they may tempt buyers into making an offer.

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Install a security system

After being blocked out of the market by high housing prices and mountains of debt, millennials are changing the real estate market. But, this generation is not satisfied with basic starter homes. The top features millennials are looking for are home automation and security systems that they can monitor from their phones, such as those from smiththompson.com.

Improve curb appeal

Most people spend more time inside their home than looking at the outside of it, so spending time and money to upgrade the exterior of a house may seem counterintuitive. But, the first impression buyers have as they park in front of your home may actually be more important than what they see inside. Try painting your front door in a bright hue, fill in patchy landscaping with pots of flowers, and wash the driveway. In the winter, adding pops of color is even more important, so turn to an out-of-season faux floral wreath to add some much-needed color to the entry.

Add modern details

Potential buyers will focus the bulk of their attention on the kitchen and bathroom, so ensure these rooms have selling power by giving them a mini makeover with modern touches. If your kitchen looks a bit outdated, adding sleek drawer pulls and knobs can freshen up the cabinets. If you have the DIY skills, upgrading the faucets pay also pay off. ย Lighting can also make a big impact, so swap basic fixtures with modern pendants over the island or bar. Changing out your usual bulbs with higher-wattage LED bulbs can also help make a room seem larger and brighter.

You might also want to look into home automation systems and try Smart Home Installers.

Declutterโ€ฆ but not too much

Potential buyers won’t be able to overlook piles of mail or crowded closets, so spend some time clearing out as much clutter as possible. Even if you arenโ€™t ready to part with things permanently, boxing them up and putting them in storage can help create a positive impression. But, decluttering can go too far. Potential buyers need to envision themselves living in your home, and thatโ€™s hard to do if the space looks stark and bare. Leaving a handful of photos, neatly arranged childrenโ€™s toys can actually entice buyers, since it helps them envision raising their family in the space.

Paint the walls

Painting interior walls is another quick fix that can help a home sale significantly faster. Neutral shades, like white and barely-there gray, can make rooms look larger and help potential buyers see the potential of the space. Even if your walls are already neutral colors, a fresh coat of paint may still be a worthwhile upgrade since it will cover scuffs, marks, and nail holes. Potential buyers may be intimidated by the amount of time or money it would cost to paint, so taking on the task yourself and make your home more sellable.

Hire lawn and cleaning services

Keeping on top of all the cleaning and lawn care necessary to create the ideal first impression can be time-consuming, especially if you are still living in the space. While your home is on the market, consider hiring professionals to help you stay on top of the details. Start by having a landscaping service trim the bushes and trees, then continue having the lawn mowed and edged every two weeks. Similarly, a cleaning service can perform a deep clean just before your home goes onto the market. Then, weekly cleanings should be enough to impress potential buyers during showings.

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