10 Easy House Cleaning Tips

Is your house driving you crazy because itโ€™s dirty? Maybe itโ€™s time you follow some cleaning tips that will actually help get your home clean on a daily basis. I am the worst at keeping up with my household “chores” that when I do finally clean, it takes WAY longer than it should. This article is more of a “Do as I say not as I do,” since I am definitely a house cleaning expert. Though, I know that with a routine and a plan, my home would be in tip-top shape always. I blame having two dogs and a toddler for the mayhem in my living room and family room, but I just need to schedule time to make sure my house is clean at all time. These easy tips should help inspire you (and me!) have a cleaner house in half the time. You can also get more cleaning inspiration if you check it out here!

Ten Cleaning Tips
1. Pet Hair.ย One thing that is probably driving you crazy in your home is pet hair. I have two large dogs, so I know how this feels. You can get rid of pet hair by using duck tape or with a wet rubber glove. Unfortunately, this is probably something youโ€™ll need to do on a daily basis to get rid of pet hair. I always have a lint brush handy in my handbag or my car.

2. Limit Distractions.ย How many of you canโ€™t get any cleaning done because youโ€™re distracted? Try cleaning to the tune of one song at a time. For example,ย ย clean the kitchen for the duration of one song so you can stay focused. <— This is a very EASY and actionable idea!

3. Get Creative with Storage.ย Not everything has to be in a perfect and beautiful spot. Get a little creative with your storage. Use a shoe organizer on the back of the pantry door if that helps give you more space. Creativity is where itโ€™s at when it comes to storing items. It’s a Keeper updated her linen closet space, I use mason jars to keep my bathroom organization in check,ย ย and regularly declutter your garage.

4. Scrub the Floor.ย Your mop isnโ€™t getting the floor as clean as it should. Take some old socks, put them on your feet and hands and go to town on cleaning. Scrubbing the floor can be fun and you can even involve the whole family when you do it this way. Scrubbing the floor by hand helps get it cleaner than ever.

5. Do Things Quickly.ย Not everything in life allows for you to do things quickly. However, cleaning is one of those things that does not need to take hours to do. Donโ€™t draw out the chore, just do it as fast as you can. Set a timer and challenge yourself if you have to.

6. Clean as You Go.ย One major mistake people make when it comes to cleaning is to wait to clean everything at once. Instead of cleaning all at once, clean as you go. Take five minutes of your day in each room and watch how much of a difference this makes. When you wait to clean everything at once, things pile up. This is why my weekends are spent cleaning since I didn’t space it out throughout the week.

7. Clean the Outside of the Windows.ย When was the last time you cleaned those outside windows? It could be why you canโ€™t get the streaks out of the inside of your windows. Make sure you take a couple of hours each month to clean the outside windows as well as the inside.

8. Donโ€™t Stress.ย The more you stress about cleaning, the harder is can be. Relax and you will get everything cleaned that needs cleaned. Thereโ€™s no sense in stressing yourself out about it more, so you end up getting nothing done in the end. Give yourself grace and realize that not EVERYTHING has to be crossed out on your “to do” list.

9. Use the Right Cleaning Supplies.ย Cleaning is hard when you donโ€™t have the right cleaning supplies. Make sure you shop for the cleaning supplies you want and need to make your cleaning life a lot easier. I hit up the Dollar Tree for the essentials, and I fill in the gaps with items on sale at Target, Walmart, or Publix. I always have Clorox Wipes on hand, Swiffer pads, Febreze, and an all-purpose cleanser.

10. Schedule Cleaning Time.ย If youโ€™re anything like most normal people, you need to schedule an event to make it happen. If you have been putting off cleaning, then itโ€™s time to schedule โ€œcleaningโ€ on your paper and electronic calendar. This blogger even has a laundry schedule. If you’re heading out of town on a vacation, make sure to use these house cleaning tips for vacations.

Use a home management binder to get organized. I love using Mama’s Got It Together printables in my discbound planner to stay on track.

Need more tips?

Hopefully these cleaning tips help you get things under control in your home. What cleaning tips would you add to this list?

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