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Easy Burlap Home Decor With Sharpie Paint Markers

I wish I was more “crafty.” I enjoy listening to musicย whileย painting, writing, or creating something. Some days time gets the best of me, and I can admit that I don’t DIYย as nearly as much as I want to. I appreciate beautiful artwork, and I wish that I could also create memorable pieces to display in my home. Yet, I think I have finally found aย creativeย outlet that is simple and doesn’t take too much time. I can complete a project duringย my son’s nap time, and I am excited about all the other creative possibilities!

Simple Sharpie DIY
I’m talking about Sharpie Paint Markers. Instead of trying to round up paints and canvases, these Sharpies are just what I need to exercise my creativity. In fact, I think I have decided these are going to be gifts for the next wedding, birthday, or holiday get together. There are so many possibilities. I shopped at Michael’s and loaded up on colorful Sharpie Paint Markers: Oil Based. The oil based ones are good for wood or glassย while the water based ones are geared toward paper or windows.

I also picked up a variety of burlap pieces to try them out. I got a burlap stretched over canvas, small coaster sized burlap squares, and even burlap panels (those I’m saving for another day).

Sharpie Oil Based Markers
It was hard to choose just one! I wanted a variety of tips and colors, so I purchased a five pack that included orange, aqua, lime green, pink, and purple with medium points. I also added in a black and a silver fine point for detailing.

Burlap Crafts
After shaking the marker and pressing it a few times on the surface, out came smooth oil based paint. The color came out evenly and quickly. I thought burlap would be a good medium for my simple DIY since the lines of the burlap helped me stay even. I didn’t trace or start off with a sketch. I just started “painting.” I decided to create something that could be displayed on my gallery wall, so I went with a simple monogram and our anniversary year.

Burlap Canvas Art

A few rounds of black paint, and it was almost done.

Burlap Monogram

I went back and did three passes with the marker to fully paint in the monogram.

Burlap Wall Gallery Artwork DIY
I added a touch of pink to the corner. I almost went back and added polka dots, but I thought less was more in this case.

Sharpie Oil Based Paint MarkersThe Sharpie Paint Markers are versatileย so I tried creating colorful coasters.
DIY Burlap Coasters

Again, the color came out smooth. I wrote silly drinking slogans on each one (cheers, Sunday Funday, Boozesday), and I plan to use them as props for upcoming cocktail recipe photo shoots! The drink in the mason jar is one of my favorites, the Raspberry Acai cocktail.

DIY Burlap Monogram
Now that I have my collection of Sharpie Paint Markers, I’m all set for creative gifts this year. What else can I create?

Sharpie Paint Markers
Want to try them for yourself? Stop by Michael’s!ย Snag more Sharpie inspiration on Facebook and on Twitter.

What would you create with these markers?ย 

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