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Dog Food Printable Reminder Chart

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It might be back to school season, but that doesn’t mean that our pets don’t have new routines too! With the arrival of school, our pets in our home will have to get used to quieter days. No longer will they have our son to play fetch with or chase around the house. When school starts, our home becomes a little more peaceful and our very active dogs might find themselves in need of a new routine as well.

Natures Recipe

Our dog, Lucian, is always excited and ready to party. He wants to run, explore, sniff, and jump. Can’t you tell? We know that it is important to keep his tail wagging and his belly full with the right dog food. We shopped at Walmart to pick up Nature’s Recipe®. It’s a brand that we have been using for about a year now. The grain free chicken is a dog family favorite, and we like that they have 4 pound, 12 pound, and even larger sized bags. You can pick the perfect portion for your dog family.

Natures Recipe

Nature’s Recipe is a premium dog food that is made with real meat as the #1 ingredient. Since it is a grain free food, it is easy to digest on our doggie’s stomach. The food is carefully crafted with nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources such as sweet potato and pumpkin. There is no corn, wheat, soy, or poultry-by-product meal. There’s also no artificial flavors or preservatives.  

Natures Recipe

Since we have a new routine starting with new wake up times, dog walks, and work schedules, I made this simple dog feeding chart to help us remember who fed the dog each day. Sometimes I do, sometimes my husband does. Sometimes we wake up and are like …. who fed the dog? Now, we won’t have to worry!

Dog Food Printable Reminder

Natures Recipe

    Dog Chart Printable PDF

I like to use printables to make sure that we complete our everyday routines, and one tip I have is to laminate them! You can reuse them week to week. You can also frame it and write on the glass of the photo frame with a dry erase marker. This printable also makes it easy for our son, who is five, to participate in this daily chore. He can mark off if he fed the dog or make sure mommy and daddy do so if we forgot!

Natures Recipe

My goal with the back to school season for my dog is to ensure that we walk him twice a day including morning and evening. We also walk our son to school too, so this is a simple way to get my dog’s energy out! Once a week I’d like to do an activity away from the home, for example, a dog beach or a dog park. It will help socialize my pet and provide a fun family activity too.

Natures Recipe

Nature’s Recipe fuels my dog’s busy day. With the countdown getting closer to the first day of school, I know that I need to step in to make sure my active pup is happy and healthy each day. I think my furry friend will miss his little buddy who will be at school each day, but with our new routine, we will all adjust quickly.

Natures Recipe

Do you consider your pets in the back to school season? Do you make any changes to your routine?

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