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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the time to make your home feel like yours. But, I have some fun and easy ways you can add personality with just a few minutes! Sometimes all it takes is adding decor, a fun accent wall, or a new fun piece of furniture. Have fun adding personality to your space today with these tips and additions from Stikwood!

1- Add a fun new headboard to your bedroom with Stikwood. A headboard gives that extra bit of style and flair when guests come over. They also can bring life to an older bedroom set. Stikwood has sooooo many options of its classic reclaimed wood styles. These REALLY make a statement when guests see your room. It can really make it look like youโ€™ve completely remodeled the room, even if youโ€™ve just changed the headboard โ€” because all eyes will be on that amazing headboard!

Here’s how to get started with the Stikwood headboard. We received a box with planks in weathered grey that had adhesive already ready to go. The actual headboard piece had boxes and numbers to help you place the boards in the exact spot they need to go.

Here are the official specs from the Stikwood website:

Sizes | Queen: 35 H x 64 W | King: 35 H x 80 W

Think making your own authentic reclaimed wood headboard will take weeks of time and effort? With Stikits gray weathered wood plank headboard kits by Stikwood, you can make your own reclaimed gray wood headboard in a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as peeling, sticking and pressing the gray wood paneling in place. Everything you need will arrive at your front door in a compact, lightweight box. Simply peel, stick, and press the reclaimed gray wood planks onto the base and you’re done. Who needs nails, saws, and glue when you have Stikits by Stikwood?

Once the headboard is assembled and someone has firmly attached the wood to the headboard, you can hang it on your wall. It came with a level so we knew were getting it perfect.

It’s a very simple piece that attaches to the wall so you can move it if you need to. Take your time and be careful with this step, but it overall was very simple.

The back of the headboard

The piece on the back of the headboard lightly rests into the piece that you screw into your wall.

King size wood plank headboard

We have a king bed and here’s it set up so you can see the height with pillows:

We (obviously) still love it, and it’s probably one of the best decor pieces we have in our home.

New Home Decor Ideas

2- Put up a new accent wall from Stikwood! Now, this is a really fun and easy tip. Stikwood has many types of accent walls from weathered wood to reclaimed silver and they are SUPER easy to install. I have the reclaimed weathered wood in grey (to match our headboard!), and it looks amazing in my living room. I’m going to reveal this in a new post, but here’s a preview!

We have gotten SO many compliments on it! Stikwood has over 30 unique finishes- and you just peel and stick. You donโ€™t need to remove your baseboard or do anything to prep โ€” just peel and stick. Easy peasy!

3- Pick up some fun paintings. You can purchase multiple prints in the same size, one frame, and just swap out the prints for a fun way to keep your decor fresh. Friends and family will think youโ€™re constantly decorating when youโ€™ve just got a smart secret stash of prints!

4. Get some brightly colored statement pieces. You can find some fun end tables or small vases to put around your house to brighten up your space and add a nice personal touch. These pieces also wonโ€™t take up much space as a bonus!

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed our tips on how to personalize your home space with these quick and easy tips. Do you have any tips? Leave them below!

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