Four Things to Declutter This Fall

Admit it, spring cleaning is the sexy time when it comes to getting your house in order.

โ€œOoooh, check out my sparkling white baseboards,โ€ youโ€™ll say afterward.

How to Declutter Your Home
But the annual fall decluttering period is when you need to do the serious heavy lifting. After all, the holidays are right around the corner. You need room for holiday decorations. You need to clear out the old stuff to make room for the stuff the presents that will soon come. Not to mention all the junk and clutter you just didnโ€™t want to part with. Iโ€™m sure you have every intention of re-reading that stack of books clogging up the bookcase that is taking up that spot in the living room that

Here are four tips to help you declutter your living space this fall and get it ready for the holiday season:

Pare down those closets: Another summer has come and gone, which probably means a few more holes in the jeans or a little more fading in those summer dresses. Maybe the elastic in your bathing suit isnโ€™t exactly as stretchy as it once was. And shoes. Soo many shoes. How did you even accumulate so many pairs of sandals? Time to load some up some bags and take them to your nearest Goodwill or community thrift shop. Hefty bags, with their improved break-resistant grip drawstrings, are perfect for this job.

This can be especially important if you have young kids that just hit another annual summer growth spurt. Those summer clothes, t-shirts, and swimsuits arenโ€™t ever going to fit again so now would be the perfect time to clear some room out in those drawers for all the new clothes that the grandparents will inevitably be wrapping up as Christmas gifts.

How to Declutter Your Home
Say goodbye to those summer toys: Those buckets and shovels had a good run this beach season. Those squirt guns served the water wars valiantly.ย But chances are, even if you live in Florida, you are probably not going to be using them again anytime soon. You canโ€™t just leave them out on your porch like you have the past few months. And that pool noodle that is starting to fray and crack takes up quite a bit of valuable storage space.

How to Declutter Your Home
Now is the perfect time to clear out those beach toys, including stuff like that umbrella with the broken spoke. Hefty bags have โ€œActive Tear Resistant Technologyโ€ which makes them ideal for loading them up with clunky and odd shaped items and those with sharp edges (like those cracked sandcastle molds).

A clean sweep in the kitchen: Summertimes are busy and there is a lot of snacking going on. Those summer cookouts lead to a fridge full of condiments well into the fall. And most of it has expiration dates.ย Your declutter mission is a perfect time to get rid of that half-empty bottle of ranch from the 4th of July or that dip from the pool party last month.

How to Declutter Your Home
Even the dog doesnโ€™t want those leftover hot dogs that somehow were forgotten behind the assortment of soda cans.ย  And seriously, is that a watermelon hiding back there?ย Let it go. And donโ€™t worry if some of those back-of-the-fridge discoveries are a little fragrant. Hefty kitchen bags are infused with a patented Arm & Hammer occur neutralizer.

Out with the old: Do you have an overflowing junk drawer? How about a stack of magazines that you started reading at the pool and swear you were going to finish them? Can you see your refrigerator surface through all the summer camp art projects?

Donโ€™t be afraid to part with all that stuff. Binders, calendars that will be obsolete in another month or so and werenโ€™t being used to begin with, boxes of coupons that have long since expired. Time to get rid of all of it.

What are you getting rid of this season?

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