10 Uses for Clove Essential Oils

Clove oil smells very much like dried cloves, which is a comforting and pleasant smell enjoyedย by many. Clove oil has many practical uses in both the health and beauty arenas, making it aย great oil for newbies and novices to have on hand. Take a look below at 10 uses for clove oil thatย you can try, so you can make sure you are using this essential oil to your fullest advantage.

How to Use Clove Oil
1. Ease your addictions.ย If you are trying to stop smoking, clove oil may be able to help. Place a drop on your tongue orย on pulse points when the urge to smoke hits you.

2. Rough feet.ย Do you have rough patches, dry heels, or corns on your feet? If so, add a little clove oil to theย area! You can add a few drops directly into your foot lotion or add the oil directly to problemย areas.

3. Soothe a sore tummy.ย Massage a few drops into the tummy when you are experiencing minor digestion issues.

4. Disinfect your space.ย You can add a few drops of clove oil to your cleaning products to make them more powerful andย to help them disinfect hard surfaces.

5. Stop bugs in their tracks.ย Place some clove oil on a cotton ball and place it anywhere pests seem to be an issue. You canย also add it to water and put it in a spray bottle to make your own bug spray.

6. Reduce the risk of infection.ย Clove oil will help keep cuts and scrapes clean and infection free. Add a dab to minor injuries toย help them heal quickly.

7. Kill mold.ย Diffuse clove oil in areas where mold seems to be a problem. You can also add it to householdย cleaners to help fight mold.

8. Stop the itch.ย Clove oil can help soothe skin when you have rashes or bug bites. Just apply a drop of the oil toย the itchy area and enjoy the numbing relief.

9. Soothe a toothache.ย Mix a drop of clove oil with a few drops of coconut oil and apply to the tooth that is causingย issues.

10. Soothe your mind.ย If you need to relax your mind, find clarity, or focus, inhale a drop of clove oil. It can help youย unwind while finding balance.

As you can see, clove oil is the perfect oil to have on hand. With so many uses, you might justย want to stock up!

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