Last Minute Christmas Gift: Candy Ornament

The holidays are sneaking up on me, and I’m trying to juggle work, being a mom and wife, and life. I try to find ways to simplify my hectic schedule, and I am happy to admit that Walgreens has become a one-stop shop for my holiday planning. Last minute Christmas gifts are aplenty at Walgreens, and with a little creativity, you can plan a perfect holiday gathering.

I recently celebrated my birthday with a holiday-themed soiree and gifted Christmas candy ornaments to my friends and family. I was stoked that Walgreens had everything I needed for my party and my crafty party favor–including holiday serving trays and decor!

Christmas Candy Ornament #shop

Isn’t the finished product adorable?


I focused on the red licorice for my party favor. I purchased clear ornaments, popped them open, and generously poured in the candy.

Walgreens Good & Delish Liquorice #shop

While I assembled the Christmas candy ornaments, I indulged in some Good &ย Delish snacks. I was impressed with the quality of chocolate on these treats, and the price was affordable. Some of the items, like the chocolate covered graham crackers, were choices I hadn’t had the opportunity to try yet. They were unique and delicious!

Walgreens Good & Delish Graham Crackers #shop

The dark chocolate covered grahamsย easily became a party favorite. I did share once my guests arrived!

Walgreens Good & Delish Christmas Candy Ornament

I just loved assembling them. I saved one for myself of course! Have you ever made your own Christmas ornaments?

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