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Is Bullet Journaling For You?

Is Bullet Journaling For You
We are entirely too busy. Or, at least, we pretend to be. We are responsible for keeping track of lots of information including appointments, due dates, work meetings, and family obligations. Now that digital planning is an option, we seem to have appointments on our Google calendars but forgotten in our daily paper planner. Or, we track something on a to do list on our fridge, but it never seems to make it on our calendar. I’m totally guilty of planning in one notebook and then forgetting to reference it again. This is why bullet journaling is SO appealing to me. This is a particular system of organizing that is unique, completely customizable, and it is very helpful for someone like me who thrives on lists.

What is bullet journaling?

What Is Bullet Journaling

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You Are To Do List Obsessed

If youโ€™re a fan of to-do lists and have one sitting at your desk or your kitchen counter, then a bullet journal may work well for you. it is basically a large ongoing to do list that you can use to keep track of appointments, book lists, groceries, and bills. It’s all in ONE place, and with a little creativity it can be very inspiring!

Bullet Journaling
You Love Pen and Paper

Our electronic calendars can be helpful, but some people learn and remember better with pen and paper. If you need an easy to deal with system that requires NO batteries or wi-fi, this is a good fit for you. Even you think Google Calendar can handle your life, try bullet journaling as a way to feel inspiredย and productive. There is something motivating about checking things off your list with a pretty pen!

You Need a Creative Outlet

You can’t complain about being too busy for a hobby if you’re into planning! You can use your journal as a place to sketch, create, doodle, use washi tape, and combine different stickers to decorate. As you plan your day, you can get creative as you make your daily pages.

Of course, decorating is optional! Do what you love.

Bullet Journaling
You Need to Brain Dump

I basically need a place to get all of the tasks and projects that I want to do out of my head. I need to just brain dump and write everything down that I can in fifteen minutes each night before bed.

It helps with stress relief too. I no longer am trying to remember everything since I know I wrote it down in one place.

Bullet Journaling
If Youย Are On the Go

Bullet journaling is easy to keep up with since it’s essentially just a notebook and a pen. You can sit down anywhere at any time to plan, check your progress, or add a new to do list. You can pick a journal that fits inside your bag so you never have to worry about lugging around a hefty planner.

And, isn’t it nice to unplug every so often?

So, is bullet journaling for you?ย 


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