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We enjoy heading to Bonefish Grill for birthdays, happy hours, and date nights, but this most recent visit was certainly a treat! We recently moved to another town, and we were eager to try their location! It’s about a five minute drive from our new home (which means many more nights out at Bonefish!), and the menu had recently been switched up to include a few seasonal favorites.

Bang Bang Shrimp
Of course, no stop at Bonefish Grill is complete without bang bang shrimp as an appetizer! However, there are a few new options that are AMAZING! On March 29th, they launched a new spring menu which featuresย fresh, hand-cut Norwegian Salmon with yourย choice of Jim Beam Bacon Butter Jam or Fresh Tomato Salsa and Rockefeller Cobia โ€” moist, sweet fish, wood-grilled and topped with sharp, creamy spinach + lump crab.

Cobia at Bonefish
It was a no-brainer for my husband to enjoy the cobia dish. As an avid fisherman, he actually has caught and prepared cobia himself. However, this dinner was super flavorful and was paired with amazing sides.

The menu also features Kateโ€™s Wild North Atlantic Haddock โ€” mildly sweet white fish, garlic crumb dusted, wood-grilled and topped with feta, artichokes, and lemon basil butter sauce. A favorite of fish enthusiasts, the fresh delicate flavor of wild haddock is finished perfectly with Bonefish Grillโ€™s signature preparation.

Lobster Stuffed Shrimp
I actually ordered lobster stuffed shrimp. I typically order this as an appetizer when I see it available, however, the dinner portion was just perfect!

We paired our dinners with a 150-calorie Fresh Grapefruit Martini.

Bonefish Grill

Do you enjoy Bonefish Grill? What’s your favorite dish?

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