Blind Spot Truck Accidents: Is The Driver Always At Fault?

If you are in or around a large city, the chances are that you have seen a truck accident. These types of accidents can be devastating for drivers and passengers alike. But who is to blame? The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash? Or the truck driver? This article will explore this question.

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What is a blind spot truck accident?

Blindspot accidents are collisions from a car to the back of a truck. In these accidents, drivers may not be able to see that there is an object in their blind spot or where it’s located.

In most cases, when this happens, the driver will turn across lanes and hit the side of the truck as they make their way around them. This type of accident often leads to serious injuries because there are so many hard parts on trucks which can cause people to fly through windows and roofs, getting trapped under vehicles while alive inside.

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention put on the issue because it’s become more prevalent in cities. Drivers are often looking at their phone or other devices while driving, which leads them not to see this type of accident coming and make impulsive decisions rather than avoid it.

In Los Angeles, cases of blind spot truck accidents are common. Dealing with such issues can be tiring and confusing, and that’s why you are always advised to seek legal aid if you are injured in a Los Angeles blind spot truck accident to protect your rights. Getting an attorney specializing in cases of such nature can help you understand your rights and options. Besides, if you don’t do anything, the insurance company might not be as easy to work with.

What should you do if you’re hit by a truck? 

It may seem like common sense, but the first thing you want to do after an accident with a large vehicle is protect yourself from any potential flying debris. Check your surroundings for fire hazards, broken glass, and people who could be injured as well before attempting anything else. Next, get out of harmโ€™s way so no additional collisions can happen around you.

If you’re in a vehicle, the best course of action is to stay inside your car and call 911 at this point. If someone else has called it or individuals who need help, make sure they’re safe before exiting the vehicle yourself. You want to be as cautious with what’s around you during these moments as possible because accidents like this often lead people into danger zones without them even realizing it until it’s too late.

Lastly, get medical attention for any injuries that may have occurred from the accident when it becomes available. This can include checking for lacerations on the skin, looking over joints and bones which could cause pain after an impact like this one, receiving X-rays or MRIs, or even taking time to talk with a counselor about the emotional side of what just happened.

Who is at fault in a blind spot truck accident?

As mentioned earlier, telling who is at fault after a blind spot truck accident can be confusing. You have to look at a few different things. However, there are ways you can identify the driver at fault.

One way is to look at the driver’s behavior. If they were on their phone or watching a video when the accident happened, this could indicate that they weren’t seeing what was going on in front of them and should take responsibility for it happening.

Another possibility is if you see brake lights before impact or any skid marks leading up to the collision. This might show that someone tried to avoid crashing into something, which would lead insurance companies to believe it wasn’t intentional. 

However, if there are no other indicators besides these two points, then looking over all documentation from investigations can help determine whether one person is more liable than another after a crash like this one.

Dash cameras can also be a great way to identify who is at fault in these cases. They can capture what happened and make it easier for investigators to determine the facts surrounding this type of incident.

Also, if there are witnesses at the scene of an accident, they can be a great help in determining who is at fault.

Handling blind spot accident cases in the City of Los Angeles is very difficult because many factors are to consider. This blog mentions a few pointers to help you when you are in this situation and how to protect your rights. By going through the piece, you will understand the basics of filing a blind spot truck accident case.

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