Birthday In Lockdown? These Tips Can Ensure Success!

Coronavirus has changed the world, at least for the moment. What was normal isnโ€™t anymore. Before, for someone’s birthday, you might have been able to throw a huge party. Or all go out, depending on the age. You still can to a certain extent, but if thereโ€™s a member of the family who is vulnerable or shielding, you wonโ€™t want to go out where there are strangers. On the other hand, you might want to ensure the person whose birthday it is has a good one. It’s harder to do in the current circumstances. Yet, itโ€™s still possible to have a great celebration with a little imagination. You can even make it the best one yet. The problem is, everyone is different. Everyone has been affected by the virus in different ways and to a different extent. Because of this, some of the tips might not be applicable to you. Where you live will have another direct impact. Each local authority has taken different steps to curb the virus, depending on how bad it is where you are.ย  As such, take the tips and apply them to your own situation as best as possible. Whatever the situation, a birthday can always be special if you do it right! Good luck!

Use The Garden

This wonโ€™t apply to everyone. For a start, you might live in a flat or apartment (though you may have a shared outside space). Also, you just might not have the weather. Even in summer, some places receive a huge amount of rain. You can use coverings like a gazebo or awning, but if the wind is high and it’s cold this may not be quite possible. Yet, if it is, throwing a party in the garden can be the way to go. There is risk, of course. But if you live somewhere with no cases it can be the way to go. For a start, the virus is far harder to transmit outside, which is why you need to keep it there. Get some tables set up for the food. There are loads of different outdoor tablecloth ideas for you to choose from. Being outside allows you to maintain distances properly. This is harder when there are children running around, however, if those children are allowed to school where you live thereโ€™s no harm in them playing together. If you have a pool, then great. All you need to do is get the food, and to decorate the area. You might even be able to hire an entertainer or two. If they can do what they do from a distance, theyโ€™ll probably be really glad for the work.

You can get the food catered if youโ€™d like. It saves you the job, especially if youโ€™re having a larger gathering. Be careful though, there may be restrictions on how many people can meet. If you don’t want to cater, you can always make the food yourself ready for the party. Or, you can have a barbeque if the weather is nice enough. Be careful, and make sure you do your research to see what is or isnโ€™t allowed in your local area. Ensure all guests follow the rules and you should be set for a birthday party just as good as any other.

Virtual Party

Itโ€™s just not the same as a proper one, but it can be a fun substitute if a real party or celebration isnโ€™t available. This all depends on where you live and what the rules are like. If the virus is making a second surge, you might want to go with this to protect you and your family. What does a virtual party look like? Use something like Teams, or Zoom. Invite friends and family and have a virtual celebration. Zoom offers games to play too, so you wonโ€™t all just be sat there making small talk. You could make your own games too, like a quiz written by someone with teams taking part. It might not be what you envisioned, but it really can work if done properly You just need to make sure that your internet connection is good and that you organize it well in advance so that everyone can make it. If done as a surprise it can work well too, just try to set it up so that the birthday boy/girl doesnโ€™t have a clue until it happens.

Private Restaurant

Depending where you are, restaurants may or may not have started to reopen. If it is legal for you to eat inside, you may be able to call ahead and book something for just you and your family. Usually this would cost a lot, but if the restaurant isnโ€™t opening, and if you want to tell them what you want beforehand you might be able to swing something! Youโ€™ll need to book in advance though and donโ€™t especially rely on it because things are changing quite fast. IF there is a large second spike where you live the restaurant may have to close leaving your plans in tatters, so try to think about something else too just in case.

Birthday Road Trip

Going somewhere memorable for your birthday is a great way to mark it. The same for a childโ€™s or partnerโ€™s birthday. Try to find somewhere different, like a national park or place of natural beauty. Going for a walk is a brilliant way to get some exercise if youโ€™ve been stuck indoors for a long time. You can go with some friends too, and make a picnic of it. Itโ€™s not something done often for a birthday, but these are different times. Make sure you find somewhere with good parking, and if youโ€™re going for a long drive, ensure your engine fluids are all up to the right level in the engine, and also that your tyres are properly inflated. Ensure that the national parks are open too. Some have been closed to try and stop gatherings during the covid pandemic. Again, here research is key but can be a great last minute option.

Future Trip Abroad

Right now might not be the best time to celebrate a birthday. So do something for the future. A great present is that of a holiday. If theyโ€™re a teenager or older, they can look forward to the gift because it isnโ€™t something needed in the here and now. It might also allow you to get a gift which is a little bigger and better than usual, because youโ€™ll have longer to pay it off. What do they like? Where can you go so they can explore their interest? Remember, you need quality travel insurance. This is something you should always do, but at the moment itโ€™s even more important. Flights and other travel can easily be cancelled if spikes of Covid 19 happen. So cover yourself just in case.

DIY Afternoon Tea

Great for women whoโ€™d usually enjoy being taken for some afternoon tea. Make it yourself. You can even get some champagne to make it a bit more enjoyable. You can get sets online for fairly cheap, depending on your budget. You can also buy quality ingredients. You can try baking your own cakes and treats too, but if thatโ€™s not right for you consider just buying them. The sandwiches too! You might be able to buy delivered afternoon tea, but making things yourself with quality ingredients is another way to go. Youโ€™ll know what kinds of things they enjoy. Make sure you get some quality tea in too. It might be normal tea, but an especially nice brand. You might want to try some different herbal teas, or green tea. Or, go all out and offer a selection. It just shows youโ€™ve thought about it and gone to some effort to ensure the birthday is a memorable one. 

Restaurant Quality Meal

This might take some practice. If the favorite restaurants are all shut, then maybe you can make a meal yourself. It wonโ€™t be easy if youโ€™re not a good cook or if you donโ€™t cook often but going to the effort can really make an impact. Giving the gift of time can be the best gift of all. Youโ€™ll likely know what their favorite meal is. Try for a three-course meal. Decorate the table as best you can and dress up for the occasion. Sounds pretty simple but it goes a long way. You can find restaurant-quality recipes online. The problem is if youโ€™re wanting to do something impressive is that you might need to practice, which could ruin the surprise. You could do this when theyโ€™re at work or busy doing something else. Again, it wonโ€™t always be easy but if you have the time go for it. Cooking restaurant-quality food usually means buying top-quality ingredients. These can be expensive because unlike a restaurant, you canโ€™t buy them in total bulk. There are some niche shops online you can use, farm shops are another great option if they are open. Push the boat out and see what you can come up with.ย 

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