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Be Productive Every Day: Morning Routine Printable

There are busy mornings, and then there are busier mornings. I never seem to get it right, but I’ve worked hard over the past season to come up with a routine that works. There are books, workshops, webinars, and even email lists that help show you just HOW to create a morning schedule that makes the rest of your day go smoothly. However, the only foolproof I have found for myself that works is time. It takes time for me to start a new system, and it also takes advanced planning. I have also learned that I need solid snacks throughout the day to stay energized!

Create a Morning Routine
Having a great morning routine can really set the standard for your entire day. Whereas, if you are unproductive and rushed in the mornings, it can often lead to a hassled and stressful day. Here are a few tips to create a great morning routine to help you have a successful and peaceful day. P.S.: Don’t forget the snacks!

Plan Ahead
Before bed the night before, make a plan for the following day. Knowing before you even wake up what your day will consist of will help you hit the ground running in the mornings. It will help you to know exactly what tasks to begin as soon as you wake up.

Back to School Caddy
Prep Mail and Check Email
I make sure to have all my mail sorted and organized in case I have to make a run to the post office. I actually just got a PO Box for my business, so it’s important I make this errand a priority now. I also have a set time that I check my email.

Lay Out Clothesย 
Pick out your outfit that you’ll be wearing and lay it out the day before. Making a plan for the day will help you to know what style of clothing you’ll need to wear. Having your clothing picked out the night before will give you more time to get yourself ready in the morning. You’ll also be able to see if there is an article of clothing needed for the following day that needs to be ironed or washed.

Prepare for Your Workout
If you are trying to start a good workout routine, the mornings are the best time to knock that off of your to-do list. Get up just 30 minutes early and go for a brisk walk or do some yoga in your living room. Getting your heart rate up and blood flowing first thing will help you feel alert and ready to start the day. Prepare for working out the night before by laying out your workout clothes, shoes, headphones, etc.

Morning Routines
Cut Out the Snooze
Don’t set your alarm with the intention of hitting the snooze button. Getting an extra five minutes of sleep will most likely only make you more tired and irritable and rushed to get out the door. Place your alarm clock or phone out of reach, perhaps on a dresser. That way, you’ll have to get out of bed to disable the alarm and be more apt to go ahead and start your day since you are up.

Drink Water
Within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up, try to drink 2-3 glasses of water. This will do two things – it will get you on track to consume a healthy amount of water that day and it will help to energize you. Water is a great way to get your mind alert and ready to tackle the day. Also, having a stomach full of water will help to curb your appetite and make healthier nutrition choices.

Infused Water Recipe
Evening Chores

Take 10-15 minutes before bed to straighten your living space. Take this time to put away toys, shoes, etc. and to clean the kitchen after dinner. Waking up to a clean house will help you be less stressed and anxious as you start your day.

Prepare School and Work Items
Make sure that backpacks are packed, school assignments are complete, and all items needed for work and school are ready to go the night before. Go ahead and pack yours and your children’s lunches to eliminate one item from your mornings. Make sure that devices are charged that will be needed for work and that everything is ready to grab and go.

Meditation, Reading, Planning
Take a few minutes each morning to pray, meditate or just to read and reflect. Having a few moments of calm and quiet each day will help you to feel more centered and peaceful. Those moments will help you to be more prepared to face whatever may come your way during the day.

I also use a few moments to fill out my planner and create my daily checklist. Want to create your own?

Morning Routine Printables

Morning Routine Printable

Blank 8 x 11.5″ Morning Routine Printable PDF

I made both a blank one and one that I use for my own personal use. I actually laminated it, and I hung it on a bulletin board. I use a dry erase marker to check off my daily todos each morning.

Morning Routine Printable
I try to start laundry in the morning so it doesn’t pile up. I also start a load of dishes while I make my coffee. I so rarely do dishes after dinner, since it’s that one chore that I totally hate!

Filled Outย Morning Routine Printableย PDF

Not only do I fill out my planner every day, but I also make sure to have snacks on hand for on the go errands and afternoons.

goodnessknows snack squares
It’s important to make those little things count even though we are so busy. It’s nice to take a moment to yourself and relax.

Creating a great morning routine that includes exercise and healthy choices and preparing the night before will help to make your mornings smooth and stress-free. Having peaceful yet productive mornings will help to set the tone for the rest of your day.

What’s your morning routine tip?

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