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Animals That Can Be Hit on the Road While Driving

Driving is extremely fun, but we can forget how dangerous it is. Weโ€™ve all heard of various traffic accident statistics that involve multiple cars. However, there is also a high risk of hitting an animal while driving. 

Although some countries are home to larger animals, all pose a threat to your safety.

Here are some critters that you should watch out for on the road.

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If you live in Florida, you might think youโ€™re safe since thereโ€™s no moose down there. However, you have your own set of problems. The most notorious of them all are alligators. Hitting an alligator with your car can be quite devastating

Although they arenโ€™t as tall as deer, alligators can still grow to be massive. Any impact at speed can easily result in injury or worse. If you see an alligator by the side of the road, slow down. That being said Florida is known for a variety of other critters that like to wander into the road like racoons and armadillos. 


When people think of roadkill situations, they rarely think of pheasants or any other bird for that matter. Even so, pheasants are one of the most commonly struck animals in the UK

These birds tend to step into the road with a complete disregard for traffic. Hitting a pheasant isnโ€™t as destructive as hitting moose, but they will do damage to your vehicle. On top of that, many people have gotten themselves in serious accidents trying to swerve around one of these fowls. 

Moose and Deer

Of all the animals you do not want to hit while driving, a moose is arguably the worst one. These animals are humongous and represent a real danger on the road. While moose related accidents arenโ€™t as numerous as deer-related ones, you are much more likely to die if you are in a collision with a moose. Moose accidents are most prevalent in northern parts of North America.

Right after moose are various species of deer. Deer are quick and nimble, meaning that they often dart into oncoming traffic before you can react. The whole family of hoofed mammals can cause serious damage. Deer are one of the most commonly hit animals in the world. infographic


Living in Australia has its benefits, however, it also exposes you to unique wildlife that sometimes like to share the road with everyone else. Kangaroos are fast, surprisingly heavy, and are everywhere. Driving through the Australian outback puts you at risk of running into one of these things. Striking a kangaroo at high speeds can be extremely dangerous. Being bipedal means that kangaroos will go over the hood and into the windshield when hit by a car.

Encountering wildlife on the road can be extremely dangerous. You must remain cautious at all times. Some of these animals offer little to no warning before appearing in front of you as youโ€™re driving down the road. 

The only way to avoid a potentially serious accident is to remain vigilant at all times and follow the road rules.

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