An Easy Guide To Understanding How Stem Cell Technology Works

Medicine is an ongoing field that continuously changes and evolves. Researchers and medical experts continue to conduct studies regularly to find the next best treatment for an existing disease. Regenerative medicine is becoming more prominent in the medicine field as studies provide promising evidence of its effectiveness to repair body tissue and a variety of diseases.ย 

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This article will provide you with an easy guide to understanding how stem cell technology works, in case you are considering undergoing this type of therapy. 

Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Stem cells are the only type of cell that can develop into any particular specialised cell type within the body. There is abundant amounts of research into stem cells and the benefits this can bring to medicine. The main sources of stem cells are from embryos, an individualโ€™s bone marrow or circulating blood as well as the blood in the umbilical cord during the birth of a baby. Considering stem cells have repairing mechanisms, they can be used to treat a number of health conditions.  

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The main purpose of stem cell therapy (or regenerative medicine) is to increase the bodyโ€™s response to repairing a disease or injured tissue. During this therapy, stem cells are used via transplantation to fix the health issue. As mentioned above, these cells can be obtained from embryos or from adults, however research suggests that adult stem cells are not as effective. Scientists store and manipulate stem cells in a lab to then so that they can be used for the sole purpose of treating the individualโ€™s ailment specifically. If the patient suffers from heart disease, for example, stem cells can be input into the heart muscle to help repair the defective heart muscle. 

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For Me? 

Stem cells can be used by essentially anyone. If you have a specific health issue and believe this type of therapy may be beneficial, you can make appropriate research so that you know as much as possible about this type of treatment. Moreover, discussing this with professionals is crucial as they will be able to answer any questions you may have. Medical professionals over at the stem cell therapy treatment at Springs Rejuvenation recommend that you visit a range of treatment providers before making a final decision. Reading the available research should also be a priority so that you do not build false expectations. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Stem Cell Therapies?

Research into stem cell therapy has proven to be groundbreaking and with such great benefits to medicine, scientists continue to research this type of therapy. There are several advantages to stem cell therapy and research into the subject. Some of these are discussed below: 

  • Increased Knowledge of the Development of Diseases

One of the best ways to have a deeper understanding into a cure of a disease is to find out more about how they develop in the first place. If the causes of an ailment are known, it means that it can be easily prevented or even treated. Stem cells allow for professionals working in this field to have a better grasp as to how certain diseases develop by watching stem cells mature into other types of cells. 

  • Create Healthy Cells 

The main purpose of stem cell therapy is the creation of healthy cells to replace diseased ones. As mentioned previously, stem cells can be manipulated by scientists into specific types of cells to fix the issue of the patient. Several studies have been conducted and experts suggest that patients suffering from conditions such as spinal cord injuries, Alzheirmerโ€™s and Parkisonโ€™s disease, heart disease and cancer can benefit immensely from this type of therapy. However, the research into this continues to be undertaken. 

  • To Test The Effectiveness of New Drugs 

Before the market releases a new drug, it needs to be studied and tested to ensure it is effective to treat the health issue but also that it is safe to be consumed by patients. There are usually a number of side effects associated with taking prescribed drugs. A good way to test this is by using stem cells. This is better than using actual individuals to experiment so that they do not suffer from the potentially severe symptoms that come with it. For the testing of new drugs to be reliable, the cells must be manipulated to obtain properties of the type of cells aimed by the drug. For example, nerve cells may be developed to test a new drug targeted to treat a nerve disease and to check whether the drugs caused any harm to the cells. 

Stem cell therapy can be promising to treat several diseases, but having an understanding of this type of treatment is essential. The information discussed above should provide you with a clear understanding of what stem cell therapy is and how it works.  

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