7 Signs that You Need to Re-Roof Your House

There are a few signs that you may need to re-roof your house. These include damaged flashing, sagging or leaking roofs, and algae-eaten shingles. If you have any of these problems, you should immediately contact a roofing contractor to get your home fixed. However, before you do anything, thoroughly inspect your home.

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Damaged flashing

Damaged flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights is one of the most common signs you need re roofing a house. This flashing type usually has tar or roof cement flashing and should be replaced with stronger metal flashing. Another sign you need to re-roost your home is if your roof has sagged. Water seepage or increased moisture are signs that your house’s roof is in dire need of repair.

If you notice a leak in your roof or a patch of dampness on the upper floors, you should call a roof repair company. Water damage can occur from a severe storm or over time. The damage may be small and not noticeable at first, but it’s a sign that you need to re-roof your house. Water damage can cause mold and rot and result in high repair bills.

Sagging roof

Sagging roofs are an indication that there is a structural problem underneath the shingles. This could be the result of a broken rafter or severe water damage. To solve the problem, your contractor must remove the shingles and plywood sheathing.

One of the leading causes of sagging roofs is water damage, which rots and decays the sheathing beneath the canopy. Replacing the sheathing is a simple and cost-effective solution to a sagging roof. Another cause of a sagging roof is the improper installation of rafters. Using 2×4 rafters instead of 2×6 rafters can cause the top to sag. This problem can also occur because of inadequate bracing.

leaky roof

One of the first signs of a leaking roof is water damage. It is essential to act quickly if you notice water in your house. Even if the leak is tiny, it could damage your home. The water may come from the roof, but it could also be from a pipe. To fix the leak, you need to find the source of the water. To do this, you should investigate and see if there is also a source of moisture on the ceiling.

Water stains on the ceiling are another sign of a leaking roof. These stains may be visible or concealed. Call a roofer immediately if you find water spots on your roof. You can also cover the area with a tarp until the roofing work is scheduled.

Algae-eaten shingles

When your roof is suffering from algae growth, you may want to consider having the shingles replaced. The best thing to do is to consult a professional roofing contractor. This professional will know the best shingles to install on your home. Depending on the age of your roof, you may want to consider installing copper-infused shingles to fight algae growth.

Algae growth is a common problem for homes in coastal regions. Since algae spores are easily carried through the air, they can spread quickly throughout a neighborhood. Even condominiums and townhomes may be affected by the problem. Although algae problems are most common on asphalt shingles, other roofing materials may also develop algae problems.

Leaky walls

Having a leaky roof can lead to many issues, including mold growth. So first, identify the leak and its location with a measuring tape. In addition, make sure that the roof vents are correctly installed. If they’re not, call a roofer to fix them.

If the shingles on your roof look twisted, warped, or distorted, this could be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. This is because water can travel through these areas and damage the interior and exterior of your house.


Birds will use the roof of your house as a place to nest, so you should look for signs that they have nested on it. You should seal up holes in your roof and inspect your vent covers and soffits for bird nests. Old nests pose a fire risk and are also a good place for insects to breed. Moreover, bird droppings may spread diseases.

You can easily spot signs of birds nesting on the roof by looking for spots where droppings are visible. If you spot these areas, you should get the birds removed from your house immediately. If you do not want birds to continue nesting on your roof, you should hire a reputable repair company to fix it.


Raccoons are a prevalent problem and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your roof. They may enter your attic and chew through the shingles, eaves, vents, and fascia boards. They may also chew wiring and cause fires. Luckily, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep raccoons from entering your home.

Raccoons are very messy and often leave behind old food and bones. They may also leave behind insulation and twigs. If you notice this, it may be time to call a professional.

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