5 Mistakes New Pet Owners Make

You saw the most adorable dog on PetFinder and you immediately went to grab your new best friend! Now that you have your new pup at home, it’s going to be cuddles on the couch 24/7 right? Being a pet owner definitely about cuddles, and can include cute selfies- but it also includes daily care, training, and important vet visits. You wouldn’t want any minor accidents around the house from your new puppy or kitten, so training is super important- and so is making sure they have food in their bowls and plenty of water too!

Millions of pets end up on the streets or are euthanized because their owners aren’t responsible. Caring for an animal companion is fun and fulfilling, but there are certain responsibilities a pet owner can take on so that they can live a happy life with you.

Are You Are Ready?

It can be easy to adopt or take home a new animal, especially if it has a sad story or urgently needs a new living situation. However, you should be prepared BEFORE bringing home any new animal- with the first question “Are you ready to bring home a new pet?”

If you have other pets at home, would they like a new pet? Would the new pet get along with your animals? Do you have time to invest in training a new pet? Do you have funds for vet visits and training? Getting a new pet might also require extra training, extra vet visits for unforeseen conditions, or they could require more exercise than you are used to and need daycare or a dog walker. Getting a new pet requires all sorts of investments! Are you ready?

Become a Pack Leader

To ensure your pets are well- behaved, you need to become the house’s pack leader. As the head of the household and the pack leader, you have to give discipline and structure your pets as well at cuddles. Your pets need a routine, rule, and leadership. This concept does not just apply to dogs- bunnies, hamsters, birds, and other animals need discipline and training boundaries as well. A good pack has a balance of friendship and leadership.

Feeding Your Pets

There are all sorts of errors regarding your pets food. First, ensure that you are feeding your pets the proper amounts. Most pet products will tell you daily amounts but you should always check with your vet on the proper amount for your pet based on their activity levels. As your pet get older and their activity level decreases, you might need to decrease their food levels.

Another common mistake is the quality of food people feed their pets. A Pet Owner should avoid the cheapest food on the shelves. Consult with your vet on the best diet for your pet and ask them what food products they might recommend. Cheap products can lead to health issues or malnutrition so they won’t really save you money in the long run.

Exercise Your Pet

All pets need exercise including your mouse, cat, bearded dragon, and dog! Animals that do not receive the correct amount of exercise can be destructive or it could even lead to other more serious behavioral problems. Pets require exercise for health as well as for mental stimulation. Exercise can keep your pet happy and healthy.

Exercise is also very important for dog parents. Dogs, no matter the size require some form of exercise in the form of walks or runs. A tired dog is a happy dog!

Go to the Vet

Going to the vet is very important for your pets. Rabies vaccines are required in some countries, as well as other vaccinations, so legally you might be required to go to the vet. A visit to the vet can also help keep your pet healthy with regular checkups- catching small issues before they become a larger issue. It’s also important that your pet bond with your vet and create a relationship of trust, so they are able to care for them safely.

Before you buy or adopt a new pet, consider all of these factors so you can be the best pet parent you can be!

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