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5 Helpful Meditation Tips for Beginners

Looking for a way to relieve stress in your everyday life? If you’ve never discovered the soothing benefits of meditation, there’s never been a better time to explore what this practice can do for you. Here are five simple ways to begin a meditation practice so that you can soothe away all that stress.

1. Discover the Benefits of CBD

Pain and anxiety can be big barriers to achieving a healthy meditation practice. The best way to relieve these symptoms, and many others, is by using CBD. CBD comes in a variety of forms, from edibles to lotions, but the best way to receive the full body benefits of this natural medicine is by using CBD flower. Consuming CBD in this way increases its bioavailability, enhancing absorption throughout your whole body. Use it before every meditation session to fully relax and enjoy the moment. Learn more about Area 52.

2. Create a Designated Meditation Space

Many people find that having a designated room for meditation helps to remove them from everyday cares and allows them to completely focus on relaxation and clearing the mind. Choose a space in your house and make it your meditation area. It doesn’t need to be an entire room – even a corner of your bedroom is a good spot. Add decorative elements like images and objects to create a unique vibe for the space. Candles, crystals, plush furniture and cushy pillows help make the space comfortable, while art pieces like sculptures or miniature fountains give you pleasing things to focus on. Get creative and develop the perfect space for your relaxation sessions.

3. Find the Perfect Pose

No matter what goal you wish to achieve through meditation, whether relaxation, focus, awareness or something else entirely, your meditation pose should reflect that. Mindfulness practice typically can be done in sitting, standing, lying down or walking poses. Beginners find that it’s most comfortable to meditate in a chair, on a sofa or on a cushion or blanket on the floor. Try to keep your back naturally straight, since the goal is to maintain an alert posture without any physical effort. Don’t think you need to sit in the cross-legged pose to meditate – whatever makes you feel comfortable is always the best option.

4. Surround Yourself With Pleasant Scents

Aromatherapy significantly enhances any meditation session. Certain scents are good for creating a relaxing vibe, including lavender and sage, while other scents like peppermint, spearmint and rosemary work to promote mental focus. There are many ways to incorporate soothing scents into your healing practices. You could place essential oil diffusers in your space to provide a constant pleasant scent throughout the room. Another option is to light incense as you begin your relaxation. When you get into a comfortable position for meditating, light a stick of incense and watch the trails of smoke float upward. As the scent fills the room, allow yourself to focus on the trails of smoke and feel your thoughts begin to float away, too.

5. Use Soothing Sounds

Many meditation beginners find that it’s helpful to incorporate music into every session. Music that promotes a calming vibe typically has a slower tempo and a lower pitch. As an alternative, you could follow a guided meditation, which often combines spoken words with relaxing music. If you’re musically inclined, consider creating your own music as part of your relaxation. Purchase a singing bowl to produce some beautiful deep tones to improve your meditative state. Overall, focusing on the music helps you enjoy and connect with the present moment.

Meditation improves the health of both your body and mind. Follow the tips above to develop your meditation practice and start living a calmer, healthier life.

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