4 Things New Homeowners Should Know About Their Kitchens

Moving into a new home is such an exciting time. It could be your very first time owning a home with your new spouse or it could be an apartment youโ€™re renting for a few months at a time. Regardless youโ€™ll want to get to know the layout of your new place, especially a room that youโ€™ll hang out in the majority of the time. Yes, thatโ€™s right. Iโ€™m talking about getting to know your kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of your home and the place that youโ€™ll host parties, get together book club dates with girlfriends, long nights of doing homework with your kids or even quick midnight or 2 am snack. Donโ€™t worry about it, we all do it!

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So what are some things you need to look out for in your kitchen? I have a few top things I think are essential that youโ€™ll want to make sure are there, looked and taken care of as soon as you move in.

Food Stains – Itโ€™s one thing to go into your new home ( new construction or not ) and see if there are any food stains anywhere. You might think a few crumbs on the counter are one thing but you need to move things around to really see where the dirt and grim might be lurking. I mean, those spills that overspill off the stove and that have been there for weeks or, gasp, even longer! It can be easy to get a few of these messes clean and ready to move on, but there are other stains that are based on that might be a hazard or a chore to get it off. If you think your kitchen may be a little on the well-worn side, my advice would be to hire a professional cleaner to help you with that mess. My biggest advice would be to not forget to clean the inside of your appliances and cabinets too!

Those Darn Pests – Bug and pest infestation can happen during any time of the year and although itโ€™s extremely frustrating, it also happens no matter how clean your home is. More times than not, youโ€™ll end up having these little critters in your kitchen too yack! However, any signs off bugs can be a huge turn off because it seems like a big concern but if you see it right away, itโ€™s a quick and easy fix to do! Hide traps or use treatment products right away so the problem doesnโ€™t persist. Those darn ants are quick or a small mouse family can be damaging to more than just your kitchen so Iโ€™d call someone as soon as you see the issue.

Remodeling Gone Wrong – If you purchased your home because you love the dated kitchen and wanted to make something your own, donโ€™t worry, itโ€™s a great dream to have but make sure you talk to a professional before you start knocking down walls the second you get your new keys. My advice would be to make sure that you call an electrician to help with wiring and making sure all the electrical outlets are up to code and able to work with your vision of your new kitchen. The worst thing that could happen trying to do it yourself and having more money to shell out because you did something wrong! If you live in the Jacksonville area, a great company to call is American Electric. They are true professionals and extremely knowledgeable about helping you with your projects, big or small. One of the best things is that they are open 24/7 so if you have an emergency regardless of the time of the day, they are available to help walk you through step by step what you need or even come by if you need them. Thatโ€™s a huge perk if something happens at two in the morning or nine at night. Your family is safe with this company to help answer any concerns or questions you may have plus they are there for every step of installing, working and finishing the projects that you have.

Clutter – The kitchen, as stated before, is the heart of the home but it can also be where you stash all your items that you need for the day such as schedules, notes that are forgotten, medicines or vitamins that need to be taken or appliances that donโ€™t get used all the time. These can take over your countertops within minutes and while they are good things to have, you want to make sure that they donโ€™t get pushed to the side either or overwhelmed that you canโ€™t find these important items. I would suggest having a solid organizational system to put important notes and schedules on like a calendar where you can add or take away whatโ€™s needed for the day plus a bulletin board to post notes. For big appliances, put them in your cabinets if possible or your pantry. Try to eliminate as much as you can or better yet, completely clear off your counters for a clean, welcoming look for you and guests that come to visit. ย 

Now as you look at your new home, think of your kitchen and how you can move around easily, or write a list of what needs to get accomplished in the next few days or week. These may seem like minor things but the quicker you get them done, the better and safer you and your family will safe knowing that these 4 things are finished and keeping you from harm.

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