4 Gender Inequality Facts That Are Still Present Today

All these years, some people are still blinded by the fact that we are not all sharing equal perks and privileges. Numerous factors are to be considered: age, gender, perspective, religion, beliefs, practices, ethnicity, physical appearance, status quo, race, and many many more. They say we are all born with the same love and are equal, are we all? 

In the current-controlled system that we all live in, it is difficult to agree to that statement. This world is filled with cruelty, violence, and inequality. What has gone wrong with the world?ย 

Is there something wrong with people of different colors? From different nations? People of our opposite sex? Or is there something wrong with how people think? The powerful people behind all these laws, and the bigger people behind them who have control in every dime that you earn and every tax that you pay, are possibly responsible for all this. 

Powerful and influential people make the rules and systems that we all follow. Their mindset becomes our mindset through the power of media and brain conditioning. Feminists are commonly addressed as exaggerating facts and are only demanding more privileges and attention. Is that true? Or is gender inequality a real issue even with todayโ€™s generation? 

Gender Inequality: Fact or Exaggeration?

Although discrimination issues and sexism have been given more freedom and attention in the 21st century, we still cannot deny that gender inequality still exists up to now and is still rampant. Feminists and LGBTQโ€™s movements have been productively exercised by many and are respected and accepted by many. To identify these inequality issues, here are some facts: 

In the married women population, only 52% of them are freely allowed to choose their contraceptive use, sexual relations, and even health care. Women who work full-time earn 81 cents less per dollar a man makes as recorded last 2016. American men earn more than women having the largest gender pay gaps in management positions. 

Women Are Not Allowed To Work

There are 18 countries worldwide wherein women are not allowed to get jobs without the permission of their husbands, and this is by law. Quite an alarming issue, these countries involve Bahrain, Bolivia, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Niger, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen.

They might have different sets of beliefs and practices wherein we can merely comprehend and accept, but thatโ€™s how things work for them. Women do not have the liberty to choose for themselves, even in the career paths they desire. Men are considered superior and have all the power over their women, while women have remained powerless. 

Women Are Less Paid

Some countries pay female employees less than male workers. Shocking, right? In South Korea, men have a higher pay grade of 37% than women, having the highest record of the gender pay gap. There are also high numbers or reports in South Korea about womenโ€™s sexual abuse, even in the celebrity genre. 

This is a long-discussed issue that is still not addressed until today. Women are less paid despite providing the same type and amount of service. But not all countries are highly indulged in female discrimination; Luxembourg practices good gender equality, for they only have a 3.4% gender pay gap. 

Women Lack Law of Protection Against Domestic Violence

Not only are women usually abused sexually, but they are also very prone to being victims of domestic violence. Given that men have a stronger physique than women, the thought of women being abused physically is distressing and disturbing. Although not all, it seems that other countries are even tolerating these savage actions. 

49 countries only have very light laws for protecting women from domestic violence. Men get to beat their wives physically and get away with it, for their law does not strongly enforce it as a heavy crime. A pitiful issue yet left unaddressed. 

Gender Inequality Is An Issue Ever Since 

The division of people is caused by people declaring and comparing their differences. They tend to forget that unity is the key to a brighter future of all. Whether you are black, white, man, or woman, or you come from a less fortunate family; it must not matter as long as you are human. There shouldnโ€™t be any reason for one to treat less of the other. 

Gender inequality is an issue long-overdue. This did not just happen about a week ago; it has been happening ever since the world began and continues to prosper until today. As modern and civilized as we are today, respect is commonly taken for granted, wherein it should not be. Make a difference, love, and respect everyone you meet regardless of their race or gender. 

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