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  1. It must be so nice to be that close and be able to take spontaneous trips. Love your essentials list. We live on the West Coast but just got annual passes for Walt Disney World in Florida. We won’t be doing any spontaneous trips but I am very excited to be an AP holder!

  2. Love the travel essentials for Disney World.
    I sure wish they had internet around when my children were babies. would have been a dream come true. I’m going to share this with my SIL who has two babies.

  3. I think this is a great choice of essentials. I’ve still never been to Disney World before. I have always wanted to go and take my girls with. I know they’d love it.

  4. Amusement parks can be a ton of fun on days when the weather is not so nice. We love how short the lines are. I always pack a few extra clothes.

  5. We went to Disney a few years ago with my older two kids. They had a blast. I hope that one day, I will be able to take my youngest. Sunscreen is a must and finding ways to stay hydrated too.

  6. Great post! We went to a theme park before and it rained all day. It was perfect though because no lines and it was awesome lol.

  7. I woshed i lived near a disney park. Id love to just get up and go any time! I also love lots of great deals to be had on there.

  8. those are great choices to bring along to such a fun travel! Bet you needed each and every one of those things… I always buy the Toms toothpaste for my young ones! (it’s my go to!)

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