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Krystal | Sunny Sweet Days

Follow along as we cook, travel, and create! From easy recipes to fruity cocktails, Sunny Sweet Days is a place to enjoy a sweet escape. We hope to inspire busy, creative families to explore Florida beaches and theme parks while enjoying good food and saving money. We are based in Tampa, Florida.
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  1. This is a great list and it will be very helpful to those who are planning their wedding. I have a friend who does weddings and she’s always on the lookout for affordable wedding favors and stuff. I will share this to her.

  2. The dollar stores in my area have really improved their offerings. The Dollar Tree near my mother’s house has so many great items, I don’t know how anyone is able to pass them up. The wedding decor is pretty well stock with elegant favors. If one is trying to save money on wedding and party favors, I’d definitely recommend the dollar store as one of the first stops.

  3. Dollar stores can save a ton of money and still be able to look like you spent a fortune. I plan on shop at the dollar stores to buy supplies for my daughters 15 birthday Cowgirl western theme.

  4. The dollar store has upped it’s game big time. I remember yrs ago they didn’t have half of what they have now and to know that you can get party decor items there. Amazing. Love your series too!

  5. I absolutely love your ideas! I think that people worry so much about the little things with weddings…we actually did ours extremely cheaply, but you would never have known. These ideas are awesome, and very practical!

  6. What a great post Krystal and love visiting the dollar store any time of the year! I always think with a little creativity (yours was heaps), one can put together beautiful presents and I especially like what you have done re the wedding decor! Weddings do not have to be expensive in order for people to enjoy!

  7. I love to shop at the Dollar Stores. You can find such amazing deals for pretty much anything under the sun. I love to go there to get the seasonal potluck décor when its out, always dresses up our place and even the food more.

  8. I would have never thought of the dollar store for wedding stuff but it is such a darn good idea. I love the idea of the little favors or things to go with favors on the cheap. And the candy buffet… clutch wedding idea. I had a friend who did it and it was a hit!

  9. Hey now, the dollar store is no joke when it comes to crafting and parties. People think that its all cheap but honestly they sell a lot of items that most craft stores sale. You just have to pick out the good stuff and not tell a single person, and they will never know LOL! Seriously those are so stinking cute and I would have never guess it was from the DT!

  10. It’s amazing what you can find at the dollar store. It may not be as super fancy or have the same variety as other places, but there are definitely some nice things you can get there and great decorations. I always go there when I’m throwing a baby shower or surprise party.

  11. I feel like as long you the decorations are horrible, no one really notices them at weddings. I am all about budgeting, so if the dollar tree has good stuff then use it. Unless you own a party planning business, then you probably won’t be using the stuff again.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is my kind of wedding decorating! I loathe the wedding industry, which is why I eloped and got married in a blue Gucci dress instead of a bridal gown. But I understand that weddings are important to some people, and I think these ideas are brilliant alternatives to the overpriced and over marketed stuff that usually accompanies wedding planning.

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