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  1. I made 50 spa gifts for Mother’s Day and included nail polish from the Dollar Tree. All of the moms were crazy over that polish. I love The Dollar Tree!

  2. I always have my nails painted. It makes me feel girly, even when I am not necessarily dressed that way.

  3. I pick up chapstick in the dollar store if I see it. I snagged a bunch of peppermint ones for stockings last year. :)

  4. I love shopping at the Dollar Tree. I have saved so much money going there. The best part if you want to buy in bulk for a party or something. You can do it online.

  5. Hehehe not gunna lie… I buy lashes at dollar tree!! They shockingly have better lashes than most other stores and they are only a buck so you can be as Careless as you want with them!

  6. I actually like Elf cosmetics. I won’t lie I’ve gotten a few of the brushes from our dollar store here and they are great. I don’t know much about make up or brushes though, but I do enjoy them!

  7. I love my local Dollar Tree. They have so many great products. I love the make up isle. I really like Elf Cosmetics.

  8. I love Dollar Tree for nail polish, chapsticks, and a lot of other beauty necessities. They have awesome makeup removing/facial cleansing wipes that I love!

  9. Shopping at The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite activities to do. I actually never heard of Elf products so I will have to check them out. The false eye lashes I have never tried so I may have to pick some of them up too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a great list of products. The Dollar Tree does have good stuff if you look for it.

  11. I LOVE ELF products and I didn’t know the Dollar Tree carried them!! I love my Dollar Tree and I find good deals in there all the time!!

  12. I’ve never thought about checking my local dollar tree for makeup! But i’m going to this weekend!!

  13. Holy crap! They sell falsies?! I had no idea!! That’s definitely going to save me a ton of $, thanks so much! What a great post to come across… I thought about the applicators before and always forget to buy them while I’m there. Now that I’ve got something else on the shopping list, I’m actually heading that way today :P
    Great post!

  14. Wet N’ Wild as well as L.A. Colors are two great brands that you can also find at dollar stores plus bigger suppliers. L.A Colors has some great eye shadow palettes available on the cheap, and Wet N’ Wild has great $1 lipsticks. Thanks for sharing the tips!

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